Learning Meditation

Meditation seems to be a real buzzword nowadays and often conjures up images of sitting in the Lotus position humming or repeating mantras in unfamiliar languages. The truth is there are many different ways to meditate and most of them are very easy. There are sitting meditations, walking meditations and even laughter meditations. We can



KIA Stinger receives EyesOn Award for Design Excellence at AutoShow!

KIA Motors’ all-new 2018 Stinger fastback sedan has been honoured with an Eyes On Design award for Production Car Design Excellence at the North American International Auto Show.  At an event typically dominated by introductions from American auto companies, KIA’s Stinger arguably stole the spotlight. “We’ve made a lot of great cars and I’m proud



Global Angel Charitable Organization (GACO) – Celebrating 10 years Helping Others

PETERBOROUGH, MAY 16, 2017: GLOBAL ANGEL CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION (GACO) is proud to be celebrating 10 years of service to families facing medical transport challenges who are geographically and financially disadvantaged. We are excited to announce five fundraising events that we have planned for 2017. 1. Partnering with, you can pre-order a $55.00 rain barrel

Connection Kids

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Dragonfly Snacks

This is a fun little spring themed snack for kids to take in their lunches, or to take on a picnic; I’ve even seen them used as party favours. All you need is a clothespin (we used wooden), a snack sized plastic zipper seal bag, glue, a pipe cleaner, paint or markers, small googly eyes

Pets & Vets


Dr. Terry’s Zoo

The invasion of the grackles into our garden is the true herald of spring.  Plump robins abound to Amigo Habernero’s delight.  His specialty was pelican chasing on the beaches of Cuba.  Now gulls and robins keep his greyhound figure trim.  Our neighbor was reminiscing his finding Amigo barking on our garage roof.  This Cuban athlete should have played in the



A Bit of Golf History

On the Eastern Coast of Scotland in the Kingdom of Fife, during the 15th Century, a primitive game had begun to be played in which participants would use a stick or a club to hit a pebble around a natural course, often on sand dunes. These were the humble beginnings of the modern game of



Hot List of Attractions & Destinations

APSLEY • Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park • Chandos Beach • The Gut Conservation Area • Bumbleberry Folk Farm BANCROFT • Silent Lake Provincial Park • Egan Chutes Provincial Park • Vance Farm Park • Eagles Nest Park BETHANY • Fleetwood Creek Natural Area • Pigeon River Headwaters BOBCAYGEON • Bigley’s Shoes and Clothing • Kawartha Settlers



Welcome Summer…

I welcome your bright early mornings, your rays of sun that shine down on dewy tableclothed picnic tables, and the chill of your night air that hangs low in the grass until late morning. I welcome your bold smells of coffee percolating on the fire, and bacon sizzling on the camp stove. I welcome your

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