Two ciabatta sandwiches with meat and cheese on wooden board,selective focus and blank space

What’s Really In Your Sandwich

Before you take the next bite into your lunch, ask yourself… can I trust that this sandwich loaded with sprouts, tomatoes, chicken breast, mustard and lettuce is exactly just that? Am I ingesting GMOs, pesticides or herbicides which could be causing damage to my body long term? Am I nourishing my body or feeding a



Kia Niro

A hybrid that’s actually a capable driver. Jon Wong/Roadshow The Niro sure is going places! With only a few weeks left until the New Year, Kia Niro has managed raise the bar for all hybrid cars by setting a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ achievement. Making a 3,715.5 mile cross-country trip from Los Angeles, California to New York City, the Niro


Connection Kids

Pets & Vets


Blue: Brave, Bold & Blind

There is something immobilizing when our visibility is taken away. We fear what we cannot see.  What would it be like to be surrounded by darkness every day? This is the reality for a horse at our farm … Blue is blind.  Blue navigates his dark world well … in fact, so well his blindness



A Bit of Golf History

On the Eastern Coast of Scotland in the Kingdom of Fife, during the 15th Century, a primitive game had begun to be played in which participants would use a stick or a club to hit a pebble around a natural course, often on sand dunes. These were the humble beginnings of the modern game of



Pick up your Peterborough County Canada 150 Passport

Canada 150+ Passport to local Events launched for the Greater Peterborough Area

Pick up your Peterborough County Canada 150 Passport today!  2017 is going to be a full year of celebrating Canada’s sesquicentennial. We will be celebrating the 150th birthday of Confederation alongside our First Nation communities who will be celebrating 150 years plus. Here in the Greater Peterborough Area, Peterborough County, our 8 townships, our First

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