mom and dad with kids and dog

Independent Living with Special Needs

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Last month we talked about supported independent living for those adults with an intellectual disability who require minimal support in their daily lives. For the adults who only require a little help, such as managing their finances and maybe a check-in once a day, there are various options available, however, there

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kia soul with apple watch

Cars to Life: Making Connected Cars a Reality

As ours live become increasingly digital, it’s only natural that our cars will as well. Kia Motors and their parent company, the Hyundai Motor Group, are working to revolutionize the driving experience by offering full-fledged “connected car” technology in the near future. What exactly do we mean by connected car? Connected car refers to a vehicle that is connected to

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Gilbert + Burke Home

Living the Dream in Cottage Country

Here in Cottage Country the beauty of the region brings many new residents each year. They come for the fresh air and the vast beauty of nature with its soothing waters and beautiful landscapes. More and more people are craving the peace that cottage country consistently delivers. Vacation memories call many back, to consider living

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Connection Kids

painted flower

Flower Prints

Making prints using nature is always something fun to do. Collecting all of ‘natures paintbrushes’ can add the adventure and exploration of tracking the perfect print-maker down.  This time we didn’t head to nature, though generally that would be my direction. We instead bought some flowers that were discounted at the grocery store, we noticed

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Pets & Vets

Missing white dog

Bel is Still Missing – Since July 4th, South of Bancroft

STILL MISSING since July 4th from L’Amable, a 10-minute drive south of Bancroft.  Bel’s color is white and beige.  Her weight is approximately 15 pounds.  Bel has lots of freckles on her belly and she does not have a lot of hair.  If she is still wearing her pink/purple collar, the owner’s cell number is

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Boating: Law, License & Insurance

We all know now that you do need a license to operate a motorboat.  We have seen so many ads and warnings over the past several years.  Did you know that now you need a Pleasure Craft Operator Card to operate any motorized boat even one with a small electric trolling motor?  Persons under 16

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putting green at woodview

Family Friendly Golfing

Take a deep breath, take in the lush green surrounding you. Listen to the birds and nearby wildlife, feel the sun on your face. Relax. To many people golf is a peaceful game that connects you to your thoughts, allowing you to escape from daily stressors and find your rhythm in this game of concentration.

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Boxer dog on shoe

Those Were The Days “My Pet Peeve”

Every boy wants a pet. I was no different. Anything, preferably a dog, maybe a rabbit or hamster, a living thing to nurture and play with, a pet to call my own. I was ten years old in 1944, a year when everything was rationed and with seven kids in our family needless to say

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Real Estate

Hunt 4 Dreams office outside

Searching for Your Dream Getaway!

Searching for Your Dream Getaway! Have you ever sat around the computer winter, spring, summer or fall and dreamt about owning a get-away from the hectic everyday life?  Believe it or not many people go through the process for years before finally choosing to take the plunge of property ownership. One thing they seem to

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