February is Love Month

But What About the Rest of the Year? Most of us enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day with a special night out or an exchange of gifts each year, but once it’s all over it’s worth asking if those are really the most important ways to show our love. Material expressions of love are wonderful, of course,


Ptbo Kia

It Was A Very Good Year For Peterborough Kia

2016 was an amazing year for Peterborough Kia.  We celebrated our 10th anniversary in style with a wine and cheese party attended by our customers and families, and we added two more positions to our Peterborough KIA family, bringing the staff total to 17.  Part of our success is the KIA product itself.  In 2016,



Grants For Ontario Farmers

There are many high costs involved in the agriculture business and being a farmer has specific funding needs. From the high cost of farming equipment, to land costs, to implementing new farming techniques, to making environmental improvements many farmers are in need of some financial assistance. Farm grants may be available for many farms in

Connection Kids

Pets & Vets



A Bit of Golf History

On the Eastern Coast of Scotland in the Kingdom of Fife, during the 15th Century, a primitive game had begun to be played in which participants would use a stick or a club to hit a pebble around a natural course, often on sand dunes. These were the humble beginnings of the modern game of



CELEBRATE the Music of David Bowie

Market Hall Performing Arts Centre 8pm on February 18th, 2017.  “Bowie Lives” features award winning vocalist Michael Bell and a band of master musicians: Michael Beauclerc on drums, Jason White on guitar, Sandor Schwisberg on keys, Matt Lagan on Sax/percussion and Chuck Daily on bass, as they bring the music of David Bowie back to


Pick up your Peterborough County Canada 150 Passport

Canada 150+ Passport to local Events launched for the Greater Peterborough Area

Pick up your Peterborough County Canada 150 Passport today!  2017 is going to be a full year of celebrating Canada’s sesquicentennial. We will be celebrating the 150th birthday of Confederation alongside our First Nation communities who will be celebrating 150 years plus. Here in the Greater Peterborough Area, Peterborough County, our 8 townships, our First

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