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cottage with water view

Protecting Your Cottage and Yourself

Protecting Your Cottage and Yourself

For most Canadians, their home will be their single largest investment made in their lifetime. For many, their cottage will rank up there was well.  As with everything else that we treasure, including ourselves, protecting that asset is vitally important.  Those who have owned a cottage for years will no doubt be well acquainted with

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outside lakefield chamber

The Chamber and Service Ontario Celebrating 70 Years

A vital piece of the Kawartha Chamber for many years, has been a third-party contract with the provincial government for issuing of driver and vehicle licences, currently known as Service Ontario. The Chamber office has moved to various locations throughout the Village of Lakefield over the years. The present location of ServiceOntario is on Water

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strawberry cocktail

Summer Fresh Cocktails from the Garden 

Imagine a summer cocktail party on the patio, sun setting in the distance, and the soft clinking of ice cubes in a glass that contains a delicious cocktail made from ingredients fresh from your garden. You don’t need to live in Hawaii to have a garden that gives you great ingredients for summer cocktails. There

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senior couple on beach

Travel Tips for Seniors

Traveling is an exciting part of retirement. After years of hard work, you finally have the opportunity to visit all of the places that you’ve always wanted to see. Whether you’re taking a lengthy cruise with your wife or you’re planning an extended golf trip with your buddies, traveling can be an amazing experience when

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hand made round wood table

When Furniture is Art

A piece of solid hand-crafted wood furniture is a unique piece of art that will last for many years.  Such furnished art is a conversation piece and often a family heirloom, passed from generation to generation with special meaning. Meet Anthony Andrews & Paula Blackburn of Q & G Unique Wood Designs. The two started

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tapping beer bottles

Celebrate International Beer Day on August 4th

Many holidays include at least some imbibing of alcohol as part of the celebration. But did you know that on the first Friday of August each year there is an entire holiday devoted to the enjoyment of beer?  Beer lovers around the world have a group of friends from California and their local bar to

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photo of award and Gail

Most Influential Woman in Air Ambulance Services 2017

Drawing on over 29 years’ experience, Angels of Flight Canada Inc. is a 100% Canadian owned business that serves travellers around the globe who experience a medical emergency including injury or illness, supporting the needs or healthcare providers, hospitals, a variety of government agencies, insurers, businesses, and families. Gail Courneyea talks us through the firm

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mom cat feeding kittens

Dr. Terry’s Zoo

I arrived home last night to the announcement of a new arrival. Isolated in the family room awaited a sweet, stray cat obviously not feral.  Our other six felines heartily disapproved of this new guest complaining that our home is becoming a home for wayward cats.  Last fall another red feline strayed into our garage

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