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Dr. Terry’s Zoo

Dr. Terry’s Zoo

The invasion of the grackles into our garden is the true herald of spring.  Plump robins abound to Amigo Habernero’s delight.  His specialty was pelican chasing on the beaches of Cuba.  Now gulls and robins keep his greyhound figure trim.  Our neighbor was reminiscing his finding Amigo barking on our garage roof.  This Cuban athlete should have played in the


11 Tips to Housetrain Your Puppy in Record Time

Manage expectations. You’re an adult. He’s a puppy. It’s easy to get upset when you find the latest surprise, there are bound to be a few accidents. Prepare for accidents. If you are surprised by a squish, the common reaction is anger. If he associates your anger with what he did rather than where he did it,

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Spring … At the Farm

There is excitement in the air … the sunshine lasts longer, the breeze is warm and the crows are calling their welcome to spring!  As horse people, we are particularly enthusiastic about warmer weather.  No more snow load sliding off the arena roof, or the bitter cold winds of winter blowing and creating an atmosphere


Dr. Terry’s Zoo

Spring is accompanied by the resurgence of life.  The chirping robins herald the arrival of longer days and warmer weather.  Spinnaker our King Charles rescue has taken an oath of fitness.  Unfortunately running around the kitchen after food doesn’t fit the bill.  These spaniels were the favourites of royalty and I could see Spinny as an official food


Top Tips on Air Travel with Pets

Plan your itinerary carefully. Don’t pick the four-leg trip for your four-legged friend just because it’s $50 cheaper than the non-stop flight. Think about the stress of repeated takeoffs and the risk of missed connections. Understand airlines’ policies and restrictions.  Not only do airlines have complicated fee structures for flying with pets, they also restrict


Blue: Brave, Bold & Blind

There is something immobilizing when our visibility is taken away. We fear what we cannot see.  What would it be like to be surrounded by darkness every day? This is the reality for a horse at our farm … Blue is blind.  Blue navigates his dark world well … in fact, so well his blindness


Farm Dogs Keep them safe

Farm dogs are an integral part of farm life and important members of the team. You want to keep them safe, but it can be expensive to use traditional methods of fencing for the entire perimeter of your land. A GPS-based system could be the perfect solution for farm use; it is highly customizable and


Dreamcatcher Equestrian Centre Celebrates 10 Years with Big News on Breeding

Recently Dreamcatcher Equestrian Centre made a very exciting announcement; their beautiful mares Dark Pearl (owned by Kendra Anshen) and Wianda Star (owned by Keegan Bryan) are two of the six mares selected in North America to be bred to U-Genius, who is by the Grand Prix stallion Utopia and out of Valegro (Valegro is a