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Welcome Summer…

Welcome Summer…

I welcome your bright early mornings, your rays of sun that shine down on dewy tableclothed picnic tables, and the chill of your night air that hangs low in the grass until late morning. I welcome your bold smells of coffee percolating on the fire, and bacon sizzling on the camp stove. I welcome your


Those Were The Days Be A Sport

I have no idea why I keep them, my wife calls them dust collectors and to a degree I have to agree. I am referring to the trophies I won during a younger period of my life, a couple dozen bowling trophies, a half dozen darts, the same number in hockey, three or four in


Volunteering A Valuable Experience

Donating your time to a cause you are passionate about can be very rewarding, but it is often difficult to find the time. When life gets busy, it’s easy to push the thought of volunteering out of your mind. Many local not-for-profit organizations rely on volunteers to provide guidance and assistance with day-to-day operations. The

Pick up your Peterborough County Canada 150 Passport

Canada 150+ Passport to local Events launched for the Greater Peterborough Area

Pick up your Peterborough County Canada 150 Passport today!  2017 is going to be a full year of celebrating Canada’s sesquicentennial. We will be celebrating the 150th birthday of Confederation alongside our First Nation communities who will be celebrating 150 years plus. Here in the Greater Peterborough Area, Peterborough County, our 8 townships, our First


Who Is the Paddling Realtor?

An avid canoer ever since he was in high school, Andrew Marshall has been paddling the lakes and rivers north of Peterborough for over 25 years now. A Trent graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental & Resource Studies, Andrew left the area in 2001 only to return in 2010 after feeling a


Dream Cottage Rental Vacations – WRD Cottage Rental Agency

If you have been dreaming of vacationing in beautiful Cottage Country and you’ve been thinking of renting a cottage during the summer months, now is the time to book. Most cottages are rented out between June 1 and Labour Day and they go very quickly, so planning and securing your cottage early will ensure you

Christmas card with wooden sled with heap of cinnamon over old wooden background

THOSE WERE THE DAYS “Christmas Memories”

The stories of my family’s Christmases are endless, each one more wonderful than than the one before, all gifted to us by the sacrifices and love of our devoted mother and father. At first we did not feel the strain World War II asked of Canadians but as the years wore on it was necessary


Five Ways To Help Carole’s Mission

A network of dedicated volunteers are spreading the word across the country in support of “Carole’s Mission” for 2016 and they are inviting you to join them. Carole Courneyea was a nursing student with a passionate vision to work in the medical flight environment. Sadly, Carole – who cherished life and was an avid volunteer