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Dragonfly Snacks

Dragonfly Snacks

This is a fun little spring themed snack for kids to take in their lunches, or to take on a picnic; I’ve even seen them used as party favours. All you need is a clothespin (we used wooden), a snack sized plastic zipper seal bag, glue, a pipe cleaner, paint or markers, small googly eyes


Camping With Kids

Those of us lucky enough to have been on childhood camping trips generally have fond memories of a truly magical experience, one that we want to recreate for our own kids. Camping is the ideal way for families to bond and spend quality time together in nature, away from the distractions of the modern world.


As a Child Spring to Summer

As a child, spring meant that summer was on its way and that we were getting closer to our yearly visit to the cottage.  A trip to the cottage was my favourite thing to do.  I’d spend my time imagining that I would be catching crayfish, having campfires with marshmallows, and fishing off the dock.


What You Need to Know About Heating & Cooling Incentives for 2017

Have you heard about this year’s heating and cooling incentives? Residents and businesses in Ontario who have purchased and installed eligible central heating or cooling equipment through a participating contractor may be eligible for the 2017 Heating & Cooling Incentive program. Heating and cooling can account for up to 60% of your yearly electricity costs,


Free Online Games Help Improve Math & Problem Solving Skills While Having Fun!

Learning Math requires a lot of practice and can be a struggle for many children, but you can add some fun while helping your child improve their Math skills, with online games. What child doesn’t enjoy playing games, and letting them play online Math games will help teach, build and strengthen their math skills and

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Micro-Trail: A Spring Adventure for Kids in Cottage Country

It has been a long winter!  The natural world was dressed in the muted colours of grey, white and brown.  Our eyes are hungry for a surge of life.  And in spring there are literally thousands of hues of green to savour as the natural world unfolds with vigour and new life. This is a


Kids and Dental Health – Tips from a Dad & a Dentist

As a Dad of two fun little boys… and a dentist, here are some of my thoughts on kids and oral health. Make it a routine – kids thrive on routine – brushing regularly in the morning and evening, along with flossing once a day, once established, will set kids on a good path. Take care


Skittles Rainbow

St. Patrick’s Day for kids. I like to do themed crafts, so if there is a holiday or event around the corner it’s always fun to make something that corresponds with that special day. It’s a good excuse to try something you wouldn’t on a normal craft day. This time we made a leprechauns rainbow.