Pick Up Locations


Pick Up Locations

Anstruther Marina (S) – 23 Fire Route 63, PO Box 132, Apsley, ON K0l 1A0

Bethany Service Centre – Box 210, 1474 Highway 7A, Bethany ON L0A 1A0

Bobcaygeon Chamber of Commerce – 21 Canal St. E. Bobcaygeon K0M 1A0
Bobcaygeon Inn – 31 Main street, Bobcaygeon, ON KOM 1A0
Bobcaygeon Marketplace – 54 Anne Street, PO Box 37, Bobcaygeon, ON K0M 1A0
Bobcaygeon Foodland – 62 Bolton St, Bobcaygeon, ON K0M 1A0
Daisy Mart – 67 Main Street, Bobcaygeon, ON K0M 1A0
Gordon Yacht Harbour (S)  – 81 Front Street E, Bobcaygeon, ON KOM 1A0
Lock 32 Restaurant – 53 Bolton St. Bobcaygeon ON K0M 1A0
Hunt4Dreams Realty – 83 Main St Unit 3 Bobcaygeon ON K0M 1A0
Strang’s ValuMart – 101 East Street S, Bobcaygeon, ON K0M 1A0
Village Florist & Gift Shoppe – 73A Bolton Street, Bobcaygeon, ON K0M 1A0
Subway – 74 Bolton Street, Bobcaygeon, ON K0M 1A0

Bridgenorth Library – 836 Charles St Bridgenorth, ON  K0L 1H0
Chemong Lodge (S) – 764 Hunter St, Bridgenorth, ON K0L 1H0
Gallery On The Lake – 31 Fire Route 21 Rd., Buckhorn, ON, K0L 1J0
ReMax Eastern Offices – 871 Ward St, Bridgenorth, ON K0L 1H0
Valumart – 871 Ward, Bridgenorth, ON K0L 1H0

Buckhorn Community Centre – 1801 Lakehurst Rd, Buckhorn, ON K0L 1J0
Buckhorn General Store – 1908 Lakehurst Rd., Buckhorn, ON, K0L 1J0
Cody Inn – 1966 Lakehurst Road, Buckhorn ON K0L 1J0
Town & Country Marine (S) – 2983 Buckhorn Road, Lakefield, ON K0L 2H0
Main Street Landing – 1939 Lakehurst Road Buckhorn ON K0L 1J0
Pizza Alloro – 5 Main St, Buckhorn, ON K0L 1J0

Coboconk Service Centre – Hwy 35 & Grandy Rd, Kawartha Lakes, ON K0M 1K0

PG Town’s & Sons, 297 County Rd 8, Douro, ON, K0L 1S0

Fenelon Falls
Fenelon Inn – Helen Street, Fenelon Falls, ON K0M 1N0
Signature Restaurant Cafe – 21 Lindsay St, Fenelon Falls, ON k0M 1N0
That Place On Cameron Restaurant – 16 Oriole Rd (behind Fenelon Marina) K0M 1N0

Bonnieview Inn – 2713 Kashagawigamog Lake Rd, Haliburton, ON K0M 1S0
Haliburton Foodland (S) – 188 Highland, Haliburton, ON K0M 1S0
McKeck’s Restaurant – 207 Highland St, Haliburton, ON K0M 1S0

Keene General Store, 1111 Heritage Line, Keene, ON, K0L 2G0

Miners Bay Resort (S) – 9718 ON-35, Norland, ON K0M 2L0

Jack’s Family Restaurant – 4327 Hwy 7 E Norwood, ON K0L 2W0

Kinvale Restaurant – 4079 Haliburton County Rd 121 Kinmount ON K0M 2A0

Balsam Lake Park (S) – 2238 Hwy 48 R.R #1 Kirkfield, ON, K0M 2B0
Kirkfield Service Centre – 7 Munroe St, Kirkfield ON K0M 2B0

Camp Kawartha – 1010 Birchview Road, Douro-Dummer, ON K0L 2H0
Foodland  – Queen St, Selwyn, ON K0L 2H0
Jack’s Family Restaurant  – 1 Strickland St, Selwyn, ON K0L 2H0
Kawartha Bakery – Corner of County Rd 18 and Hwy 23 (Buckhorn Rd) Lakefield K0L 2H0
Kawartha Chamber of Commerce – 12 Queen St, Selwyn, ON K0L 2H0
Lakefield Dentistry – 14 Water St., Selwyn, ON, K0L 2H0
M&M Meat Shop – 140 Queen Street, Lakefield, ON K0L 2H0
Overstock Liquidation – 3001 Lakefield Road Selwyn, Ontario K9J 6X5
Service Ontario – 133 Water Street Lakefield ON K0L 2H0
Stuff’d Bakery – 18 Bridge Street Lakefield ON K0L 2H0
The Paw Spa – 1900 Smith 6th Line, Peterborough, ON K9J 6X5
Service Ontario – 133 Water St, Selwyn, ON K0L 2H0
The Village Inn – 39 Queen St, Selwyn, ON K0L 2H0
Town & Country Marine (S) – 2983 Buckhorn Rd, Selwyn, ON K0L 2H0

Admiral Inn – 1754 Ontario 7 west, Lindsay, ON K9V 4R2
Lindsay Service Centre – 65 Kent St W, Lindsay, ON K9V 2Y3
Lindsay Square – 401 Kent St W, Lindsay, ON K9V 4Z1
The Kent Inn – 251 Kent St W, Lindsay, ON

Emily Provincial Park (S) – 797 Kawartha Lakes County Rd 10, Kawartha Lakes, ON K0L 2W0

Boston Pizza – 1164 Chemong Rd, Peterborough, ON K9J 6X2
Boston Pizza – 821 Rye St, Peterborough ON K9J 6W9
Canadian Tire Automotive (Wait Area) – 1050 Lansdowne St E Peterborough ON K9J 1Z9
Cody and James Accountants – 260 Milroy Drive, Peterborough, ON K9H 7M9
Community Care – 185 Hunter Street East, Peterborough, ON K9H 0H1
Foodland Sherbrooke  – 760 Sherbrooke St, Peterborough, ON K9J 2R1
Global Gas Cheese & Variety Store – 1794 Chemong Road, Peterobourgh, ON, K9J 6X2
Harwood Kitchens – 27 Lansdowne St W, Peterborough, ON K9J 1X8
Heron Landing Golf Club – 2361 Lansdowne St. W., Peterborough, ON, K9J 6X4
Jack’s Family Restaurant – 91 George St N, Peterborough, ON K9J 3G3
Jo Anne’s Place – 1260 Lansdowne St W Peterborough ON K9J 2A1
Jo Anne’s Place – 904 Water St Peterborough ON K9H 3P3
KIA Peterborough – 238 Lansdowne St East, Peterborough, ON K9J 6X9
Lansdowne Place Mall – 645 Lansdowne St W, Peterborough, ON K9J 7Y5
Liftlock & the River Boat Cruises (Marina) (S) – 92 George Street North, Peterborough, ON K9J 3G6
Little Lake Marina (S) – 92 George St N, Peterborough, ON K9J 6Y5
Miskin Law Offices – 380 Armour Rd #263, Peterborough, ON K9H 7L7
Offices That Work – 459 George St N, Peterborough, ON K9H 3R6
Parkhill Esso – 116 Parkhill Rd E, Peterborough, ON, K9H 1R1
Parkhill Variety – 891 Parkhill Rd W Peterborough ON K9J 6P2
Peterborough Chamber of Commerce – 175 George St N, Peterborough, ON K9J 3G6
Peterborough Museum  – 300 Hunter St E, Peterborough, ON K9J 6WY5
Peterborough Musicfest  (S) – 277 George St. N #211, Peterborough, ON K9J 2R8
Peterborough & the Kawartha’s Tourism Visitor Centre  – 1400 Crawford Dr, Peterborough, ON K9J 6X6
Pinto’s Market – 2622 Maple Grove Rd, Peterborough, ON K9J 6X4
The Black Horse Pub – 452 George St. N. Peterborough ON K9J 3RJ
Southside Pizzeria – 25 Lansdowne St. Peterborough ON K9J 1X8
The Original Flame – 982 ON-7 #2, Peterborough, ON K9J 6X8
Whelan’s Flooring – 2512 Chemong Rd, Peterborough ON K9J 6X2

Rosedale Marine & RV (S) – 52 Coldstream Road, RR#1, Rosedale, Fenelon Falls, ON, K0M 1N0

Youngs Point
Young’s Point General Store, 2095 Nathaway Rd., Young’s Point, ON