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Waterfront is a dream for many, and when you have it, you want to be able to use it. Picture wading into the water for that relaxing swim; reality is, much of the waterfront here in cottage country is weedy, and it’s not very enjoyable to swim in. Weeds also pose a risk for your boats and motors, getting tangled in propellers can be a real hassle.

There is a new product on the market that will transform your waterfront; and easily. The Aquatic Weed Roller is loved by many; cottage owners, pond owners, along lakeshores and swimming beach areas.

BeforeAfte weed rollerSimple and easy to use, at first sight the Aquatic weed roller has a very aggressive manner, with 3 sets of very durable blades for cutting and ripping out weeds and algae. Weighing only 20 lbs, with a main roller that is 24” wide means ease of use with convenient 4’ handle sections. Holes at each end the roller allow it to fill with water pushing it to sit on the bottom, all you need to do is roll it back and forth. Consider adding some of Pond Perfections Sludge Reduction Pellets before using the roller, they add mass amounts of good bacteria, enzymes and amino acids which will work hard to super charge the decomposition process.

While the aquatic weed roller is busy cutting and tearing out weeds it also assists in creating a softer sludge layer on the bottom. When sludge and sediment on the bottom of the lake is exposed to natural bacteria and mixed with oxygenated water, decomposition of muck and sediment is sped up.  As you loosen bottom sludge, deeper harder sludge is worked up repeating the cycle. The less sludge and muck you have the less the weeds and algae will grow.

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