As a Child Spring to Summer

As a child, spring meant that summer was on its way and that we were getting closer to our yearly visit to the cottage.  A trip to the cottage was my favourite thing to do.  I’d spend my time imagining that I would be catching crayfish, having campfires with marshmallows, and fishing off the dock. I’d plan what games, what books and which friend to bring.  I’d imagine swimming in the lake, drying off in the sun, and watching dragonflies and fireflies dance through the air. As I look back I have many fond memories around summer visits to a glorious place called “Cottage”.

What I recall the most are the tastes, sounds, textures, sights and smells of that visit. I also remember the emotions the accompanied each coming and each going. The days leading up to our drive were filled with excitement, happiness and a joy that couldn’t be dampened. The first days were a flurry of activity and enjoyment while by mid-week we were all relaxing into the simple and comfortable daily routine happening from dawn to dusk. A small niggle of anxiety showed up as time ticked away and finally a sadness as the last day approached. I remember crying at the dock as I said my goodbyes to the cottage for another year.

Each of us experiences letting go and goodbyes, where seasons change and we have to say farewell.  After a time, a new season arises and we feel the excitement of what that will bring, whether a trip to the cottage, time on the beach or hours in our garden. With winter behind us, and as spring turns to summer, I hope that you will pay attention to the richness of seasonal sensations and the emotions that accompany them, for that attention will facilitate new memories and what you will remember for years to come. 

Sharon e. Davison is a facilitator, adult educator and coach. She will be leading a “Practicing Kindfulness” and a “Money, Mind & Transformation” retreat in Ontario in June of 2017.

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