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santa paul selfie

FREE Selfie with Santa Event at MARK’S

FREE Selfie with Santa Event at MARK’S

Last year we introduced you to Santa Paul Hillier who answered the call to portray Santa Claus here in the Kawarthas. We are thrilled to share his beautiful face and his twinkling blue eyes (and yes they really do twinkle!) on the cover and inside of this special holiday issue. Santa Paul always remains in

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Watson & Lou outside

Celebrating Local Makers at New Peterborough Store

It’s that time of year where everyone starts making lists and scheming the perfect surprises for their loved ones. We know some of the most thoughtful gifts are one of a kind. Think of your grandmother’s eyes lighting up as she opens something unique and useful by a local artisan, or something beautiful you made

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The Importance of Shopping Local this Holiday Season

The Importance of Shopping Local this Holiday Season With Christmas just around the corner, this issue is dedicated to shopping local this holiday season. The importance of shopping local is something every single one of us should be very concerned about. Many businesses rely on local dollars and cannot survive without the support of our

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Marks staff with floor plan

MARK’S Announces Largest Location in the World for Peterborough

Your favourite store for clothes that work has some big news. The Largest Mark’s Location in the world will soon open a brand-new store, right here in Peterborough! At approximately 30,000 Sq. Ft., with an extra 4,000 Sq. Ft on the sales floor, this beautiful new location has a ton of conveniences and will be

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Retirement Planning Is Not Just About the Numbers

It seems strange to talk about an end to summer when the weather this year didn’t really feel like summer. However, as the sun starts to set earlier in the day many of us will use the quieter days to think about what it will be like when the sun sets on our career.  Sadly,

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Today, More Than Ever, We’re Stronger Together

“What have you done for me lately?” Chambers of Commerce across Ontario have a long-standing challenge of letting local businesses know all the benefits of joining their Chamber.  “Of course I joined the local Chamber; it’s just what businesses do” simply isn’t enough. Chambers of Commerce need to offer a business case – a value

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Staying Active, Fit & Independent as you age – Community Care Health & Care Network

Statistics show that one in three senior Canadians experiences a fall each year (for people age 80 or more, it’s closer to one in two). Falls are, of course, a source of concern for injuries that can occur. They can lead to many major health complications. Broken hips can be just the start of medical

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Tax Planning for Retirees

September always feels like a time of new beginnings and some folks take time as the days cool to consider their year-end tax planning. Retirees should examine their year-to-date income and consider whether they should take more or less funds from their registered savings accounts (RRSPs and RRIFs). A few basic reminders: (1) In the

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