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Fleming College outside

Higher Education Institutions – Putting Cottage Country on The Map

Higher Education Institutions – Putting Cottage Country on The Map

Here in stunning cottage country, we are extremely fortunate that our community offers world-class educational opportunities, right on our very own doorstep. Peterborough is home to Trent University – one of Canada’s top universities and the #1 undergraduate university in Ontario for six years running! Trent’s Symons Campus boasts award-winning architecture, nestled on the banks

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Gilbert + Burke Home

Living the Dream in Cottage Country

Here in Cottage Country the beauty of the region brings many new residents each year. They come for the fresh air and the vast beauty of nature with its soothing waters and beautiful landscapes. More and more people are craving the peace that cottage country consistently delivers. Vacation memories call many back, to consider living

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Boxer dog on shoe

Those Were The Days “My Pet Peeve”

Every boy wants a pet. I was no different. Anything, preferably a dog, maybe a rabbit or hamster, a living thing to nurture and play with, a pet to call my own. I was ten years old in 1944, a year when everything was rationed and with seven kids in our family needless to say

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painted flower

Flower Prints

Making prints using nature is always something fun to do. Collecting all of ‘natures paintbrushes’ can add the adventure and exploration of tracking the perfect print-maker down.  This time we didn’t head to nature, though generally that would be my direction. We instead bought some flowers that were discounted at the grocery store, we noticed

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man Driving Boat

How to Tow like a Pro with Jay Poole

Often times the difference between success and failure in water sports has nothing to do with the person in the water and everything to do with who is behind the wheel of the boat. With some simple tips and tricks you can drive like a pro and make everyone behind the boat look and perform

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Free digital subscription

FREE Digital Subscription

Register for your FREE digital subscription & read anywhere!!!  

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Custom fireplace inlay

Where the Finer Things are Made

When thinking of renovations, ‘Artisan’ doesn’t usually spring to mind. But when you find an accomplished trades-person whose work speaks so loudly of detail and skill, it is impossible not to compare their work to art. Ian Le Blanc of Loyal Millwork Company is that artisan. He is an expertly skilled craftsman who has learned

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putting green at woodview

Family Friendly Golfing

Take a deep breath, take in the lush green surrounding you. Listen to the birds and nearby wildlife, feel the sun on your face. Relax. To many people golf is a peaceful game that connects you to your thoughts, allowing you to escape from daily stressors and find your rhythm in this game of concentration.

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