BEEutiful! Selwyn Officially a Bee City!

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SELWYN – The Township of Selwyn has been declared the 18th Bee City in Canada!  Jointly, withthe Lakefield & District Horticultural Society, the Ennismore & District Horticultural Society, the Otonabee Region Conservation Authority and the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre, the Township was successful in applying for and receiving its Bee City designation.  By receiving the Bee City designation, the Township and its partners commit to supporting pollinator protection and establishing and maintaining a healthy pollinator habitat within the municipality.

The designation was supported by the various initiatives undertaken by the Township and its community partners to encourage pollinator health and biodiversity in our community.  Initiatives such as:

  • creation of pollinator gardens enriched with native wildflowers and bee houses
  • community education through information meetings regarding the plight of the pollinator, effects of pesticides on pollinator habitats
  • naturalization of shorelines by planting native shrubs and vegetation to encourage pollination
  • commitment to pesticide free municipal space by using hand/tool removal of weeds
  • and many, many, many, more…

As a Bee City, the Township has the role of raising awareness of pollinator diversity and the benefits of using native plants in habitat restoration. The Township and its partners will look for ways to set an example and inspire residents to become bee friendly by encouraging the planting of pollinator friendly plants including native trees, shrubs, vines, forbs and grasses, along with herbs and vegetables.  Stay tuned for Bee City initiatives and ideas on how to become bee friendly!

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To learn more about the Bee City movement, please visit the Township website or contact Tania Goncalves at 705-292-9507.

The Bee City Canada website has been updated and lists Selwyn as the 18th Bee City.

You can see a copy of our application here:

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