Black Mold More Common Than You Think

mold on wall

Black mold can be a scary and dangerous thing. It sneaks up in places that we can sometimes neglect in our daily cleaning routines, and it is more common than you think.

Black mold can cause an allergic reactions, headaches, nausea, rashes and chronic coughing. Plus it poses risk to your home or cottage as well.

Black mold grows in damp areas like your bathrooms and basements. Best prevention is allowing air flow and controlling the humidity in your home. If humidity is something you battle regularly pick up an inexpensive humidistat.  You want to keep humidity levels between 35% and 50%. Make use of a dehumidifier if it becomes over 50% and keep the air moving, after you have treated the mold.

If treating the mold yourself, always wear a respirator, gloves, and long sleeves. Bleach is a great cleaner for this, but it doesn’t always eliminate the mold. You can find a number of good products on the market designed specifically for black mold, and they are available at most hardware stores.

With the damp spring that we just had, there is a larger risk than normal, so stay prepared, and know what to look for. Take your time and do a thorough inspection of your home or cottage, it’s your family’s health you are dealing with.

Breathe easy, stay healthy and enjoy your summer.

By Dave Linkert, Site Supervisor Marshall Homes Port 32

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