Buckeye Marine: the First Canadian NauticStar Dealer

Blue NauticStar on water

We are excited to be a part of a huge new trend in boating. Boat owners used to have to make compromises – style, utility, comfort, reliability, ease of ownership. It was often difficult to have boats that could check all those boxes. As textile construction processes and engine technology have improved, there are now a host of boats that can check all those boxes, and more.

Boats initially designed for the rigors of open ocean and salt water, have gotten more comfortable and stylish than ever before.  New outboard motors are quiet, reliable, fuel efficient and require less maintenance than NauticStar fishing boatanything on the water. Put that power on a boat that looks great, doesn’t need a cover and can handle rough seas and long boating seasons, and you have the perfect cottage boat.

Centre console style fishing boats are like modern pickup trucks for the water. Tons of space, tons of storage and rugged exteriors. These boats are overbuilt and use premium materials and lots of floatation to ensure a solid ride. All this construction normally comes at a price. Buckeye has recently added an all new offering in the center console market. Buckeye Marine is officially the first Canadian NauticStar dealer, one of the fastest growing brands on the water. NauticStar are hand built in Mississippi, using premium construction methods, and backed by the ownership and pedigree of Mastercraft Boats. Unlike some larger established brands, NauticStar boats are priced at a great value so you can get all the unsinkable utility of a premium center console at an affordable price. NauticStar are exclusively powered by Yamaha Outboards, the most reliable efficient power plants on the water. One of the beautiful things about outboard power is that they have an extremely low cost of ownership, requiring far less maintenance than anything on the water.

Buckeye Marine, www.buckeyemarine.com

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