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Take Control of Your Health Data

Take Control of Your Health Data

For TV watchers, even though you’re skeptical about what you see on the tube, you might be able to relate to this.   How often have you watched a scene where someone is taken to a hospital in serious condition?  A friend or relative is asked “what can you tell me about him/her”?  While the

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Staying Active, Fit & Independent as you age – Community Care Health & Care Network

Statistics show that one in three senior Canadians experiences a fall each year (for people age 80 or more, it’s closer to one in two). Falls are, of course, a source of concern for injuries that can occur. They can lead to many major health complications. Broken hips can be just the start of medical

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When Old Fashioned Communication Becomes VITAL

Sometimes you must wonder if modern technology has really done us any favours. When you really need to talk to someone it is not comforting to have to talk to an answering machine when you have a medical emergency.  Even worse if you don’t receive a reply! When time is of the essence in a

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Is Chronic Inflammation Destroying your Health?

Inflammation has been linked to almost every chronic health condition and there are two kinds of inflammation.  One type is acute and in most cases starts quickly and generally disappears within a few days; caused by injury or infection. The other type of inflammation is chronic/systemic, which involves the whole body and is long lasting,

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energy healing

What is Energy Healing?

This emerging form of complementary and alternative medicine is not a modern concept or approach. The origins are found throughout the ancient world. Early medical practitioners believed that when the energy within the body was out of balance, people became ill. In Asian countries, medical people felt the only way to a healthy body was in

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Strategies in the Workplace

Mental Health is a topic that has gained more attention each year with awareness campaigns, videos, and with public figure profiles. But most medium to small businesses still struggle to implement mental health strategies within their workplaces. The Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) has recently released a report focused on helping businesses develop such strategies

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Black Mold More Common Than You Think

Black mold can be a scary and dangerous thing. It sneaks up in places that we can sometimes neglect in our daily cleaning routines, and it is more common than you think. Black mold can cause an allergic reactions, headaches, nausea, rashes and chronic coughing. Plus it poses risk to your home or cottage as

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What Worrying Is

Worry. Stress. Anxiety. These are words that people are acquainted all too well with. When we worry, become stressed, or allow anxiety to build up within us, we are allowing negative emotions such as fear to control our thoughts and eventually our behaviors. Worry comes from our fear of not knowing and the fact that

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