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halloween ghosts figures

Fact or Treat – Halloween Trivia

Fact or Treat – Halloween Trivia

Halloween is almost here. Soon ghosts, goblins and ghouls will be knocking on doors looking for their share of yummy treats. Why not wow them with your Halloween knowledge – perhaps a Fact for a Treat, rather than a trick! Check out these fun and interesting historical Halloween facts. • Orange and black are Halloween

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playdough pumpkin in wrap

Halloween Play-dough

When I was a kid my mom always made our own Play-dough at home with me. She was always wary of pre-packaged everything. I can still hear her say ‘Why would we buy it, when we can make it ourselves?” I’m glad she did. Now when I need a quick hands-on project for my kids,

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wreath booth

The Hand of Man Craft Show – Oct 27-29, 2017

The annual Hand of Man Craft Show will be held at the Morrow Building at 155 Lansdowne Street, in Peterborough. The guild has evolved over the past 42 years by maintaining a high quality of handcrafted items designed, created and produced by the exhibitor. Artisans offer something for all ages.  Customers prefer the variety of

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Kids running in a field

Life Is Just One Big Adventure for Kids in Cottage Country

There is nothing young children love more than being able to run ‘wild’ in wide open spaces, to be able to set forth on grand adventures and to embark upon exciting outdoor explorations! And with the opportunity to visit farms, go horse riding, kayaking or canoeing, to observe wildlife in its natural habitat, or even

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painted flower

Flower Prints

Making prints using nature is always something fun to do. Collecting all of ‘natures paintbrushes’ can add the adventure and exploration of tracking the perfect print-maker down.  This time we didn’t head to nature, though generally that would be my direction. We instead bought some flowers that were discounted at the grocery store, we noticed

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fireworks with paint

Firework Prints

After seeing the Fireworks display for Canada Day my kids haven’t stopped talking about the Fizz and Boom, and all the lovely sparkling colours. This is a quick and entertaining craft reminiscent of that warm summer night when their eyes sparkled with wonder. It is also a great one for keeping it simple when you

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Bee on a flower

Nature Bingo

There is nothing better than spending the day roaming around in the great outdoors. I so enjoy watching the wonder on kids’ faces as they experience the tiny miracles of nature. Sometimes when you are searching for one thing, you will discover something you weren’t looking for, and most of the time the new find

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faith dickinson with Princes

Princess Diana Legacy Award Honours Local Faith Dickinson

Just before we went to press we were thrilled to be able to catch up with one of Cottage Country’s favourite local girls, Faith Dickinson of Lakefield, just as she was finishing off a tour of York Minster Cathedral in England. Faith, who recently made international headlines when she was presented with the 2017 Diana

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