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Hooked: Pro Fishing Tips with Mike Williams

Hooked: Pro Fishing Tips with Mike Williams

Bass & Muskie Fishing in Cottage Country It is an exciting time of year for anglers with Bass and Muskie season opening in FMZ 17 (Peterborough and the Kawarthas).  The weather is warming up and both species can be found in the shallows.  Bass Fishing: You can target Bass in shallow water cover: boat docks,

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hanging basket

Caring for Your Outdoor Container Plants

Hanging Basket, Patio Pot or Window Box care is not difficult, but it is specific.  Your arrangement is “contained” so it requires you to provide water and food to nourish.  Unlike plants in the ground which can send their roots deep in the earth looking for water, container plants need your diligence to keep them

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Summer Demo Days Tour is Back!

When was the last time you bought a car? Whether it was last week or ten years ago, before you actually bought it you probably sat in it and took it for a test-drive. Because there’s no better way to decide if you want to drive the car everyday then actually driving it. Same thing

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young boy on dock

Summertime Projects

My idea of coming to the cottage is to relax and not have to work the entire time. My guess is that your thoughts are similar. Do yourself a favour, hire qualified contractors for the larger jobs such as a new roof, windows or siding.  Some of you are talented enough to do the big

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Fun on the Water with Jay Poole

Boating Time is Family Time. Imagine an activity where you, and your whole family, some friends and even the family pet can be outside together enjoying a beautiful sunny day where the main focus is quality time, conversation, shared experiences and sunshine. No seatbelts, no ‘are we there yet?’ no long periods of helmeted isolation,

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Mike Williams holding 2 fish

Pro Fishing Tips with Mike Williams

Pro Fishing Tips with Mike Williams What’s in your Tackle Box? Welcome to the spring fishing season anglers. In this article let’s talk about your must haves in spring fishing gear. The first thing to remember is that the type of gear you want to use is always species specific. Pan Fish – For panfish

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stream running through forest

Forest Bathing in Cottage Country

Cottage Country nature lovers instinctively know what ‘forest bathing’ – or ‘Shinrin-Yoku’ – is, and many have been doing it intuitively for years. For those who aren’t sure, the term originates in Japan and literally means ‘taking in the forest atmosphere for one’s well-being’. An alternative description could be ‘nature therapy’ which has likely existed

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Beachroller on dock

Aquatic Weed Roller

Waterfront is a dream for many, and when you have it, you want to be able to use it. Picture wading into the water for that relaxing swim; reality is, much of the waterfront here in cottage country is weedy, and it’s not very enjoyable to swim in. Weeds also pose a risk for your

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