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Dock Installation & Removal Revolutionizing the Industry

Dock Installation & Removal Revolutionizing the Industry

As waterfront property owners know all too-well, getting the dock in and out as the season’s change can be an enormous task. With cold water and weather, this job can be time consuming and frustrating. Andy Assinck, creator behind the name “HitcHinge” Dock Couplers was inspired to alter the traditional age-old pin-in-a-hole dock coupler, and

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Garden near water in bloom

Your Fall Garden with Vikki

Most perennials require a cut back before the next year’s growth emerges in the Spring.  You can choose to cut them down to four to six inches in height in the Fall or Early Spring.  It’s your call.  Our Display Garden here at Griffin’s Greenhouses is cut back in the Fall because we don’t have

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man Driving Boat

How to Tow like a Pro with Jay Poole

Often times the difference between success and failure in water sports has nothing to do with the person in the water and everything to do with who is behind the wheel of the boat. With some simple tips and tricks you can drive like a pro and make everyone behind the boat look and perform

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Summer Gardening Tips: Q + A

Q:  Why are my petunias light coloured and lanky? A:  If foliage of your petunias is light green and/or the blooms are lackluster in colour, you are under fertilizing.  Petunias require weekly fertilization to maintain vigour and brightness.  Use an all purpose fertilizer at full strength.  Ensure that your petunias have at least 6 hours

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hummingbird in flight

Beautiful Hummingbirds & How To Attract Them

There are few things more beautiful to discover fluttering around your yard or garden than hummingbirds.  Measuring only 2 to 3 inches in length, their petite little bodies weigh less than a single ounce.  They mesmerize onlookers with their ability to beat their wings 80 times each second.  Hummingbirds can fly backwards or even hover

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blue cast to Hydrangeas

Blooming Beautiful with Vikki

There are several types of Hydrangeas.  Some are great for this area (Peterborough and surrounding area, hardiness zone 4/5) and some are not so great.  The goal is to know the best for your location and what impact it will make on your garden – which should be fabulous! Hydrangea Macrophylla, or mop/round headed hydrangea,

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bee on sunflower

Fun Facts About Bees

We had the opportunity to brush up on some fun facts about this little black and yellow insect. I am sure my Grandparents who are Bee Keepers themselves loved all the questions I had for them. What started as a lifelong dream and hobby to them has now grown into 12 Bee Hives. Beekeeping takes

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girl getting up on skis

Waterskiing with Jay Poole

The summer is here and now is the time to get everyone in the water excited and enjoying time behind the boat. Learning to waterski and wakeboard can sometimes be a challenging task however with the right pointers and proper body positioning and a couple tricks, you can be the superstar at the cottage that

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