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Those Were The Days

Those Were The Days

“Our Walk Through History” I always enjoyed studying history but when I became a small part involved within that history, the past took on a whole new meaning. My wife and I were born and raised in Windsor, Ontario in areas west and east respectively of the city, both areas steeped in history. My wife

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Amazing View Of The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Lijiang, China

Hosted Tours Exclusive to Merit Travel

Merit Travel’s Hosted Tours are expertly-crafted and curated by Merit Travel, to bring you the best travel experiences and unforgettable memories. The 2018-19 Hosted Tours program offers short vacations of nine to 18 nights, to popular and lesser known destinations around the world. Tour programs focus on themes such as history, culinary and ‘must-see and

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hand made chocolate

Wedding Favours that won’t be left on the table!

For the perfect wedding you need the perfect favours, and what better way to say thank you to your guests than with delicious hand-crafted chocolates from Les Chocolats Cavalot. Choose from luxurious truffles, barks, or any of their chocolate covered treats, all made with real Belgian chocolate. Truffles can be crafted using dark, milk or

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Happy New Year Text

Those Were The Days “ New Beginning”

2018, a new year to reflect on old memories and the beginning to amass new ones. My wife and I are celebrating our sixty fouth anniversary in a few weeks, some times it seems like a long ago step into another phase of our lives but remarkably, some memories appear to be just mere fleetings

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bride and groom smelling flowers

Planning a First Look Before the Wedding Ceremony

Something that has recently become popular in weddings is the bride and groom having a private few moments before the ceremony. Known as a “first look” the idea is appealing because it settles the nerves and allows the couple a special moment, between just the two of them on their special day. Whether you pick

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wedding centrepieces

There’s Nothing Small About Love

Over the years, Burleigh Falls Inn Manager, Jennifer Craig has had the privilege of assisting with one of the most romantic days in a couple’s life; their wedding.  She finds these events are often filled with much pomp & circumstance, everything on a larger than life scale, and it can all get just a little

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Everything Starts With A Conversation

From a one-page magazine ad to a website home page to pitching someone at a trade show to meeting an old friend at a Starbuck’s, all conversations are basically the same. Think about it. In all these instances, you have to ‘invite’ the other person’s interest and then build on it with the intention of

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Deb and Dave on hay bale

A Farm Wedding Story in Cottage Country

Deb and Dave wanted a wedding that was special and beautiful, yet uniquely expressing their individual style. They decided on a farm country wedding that was casual and comfortable for both them and their guests. It was a record hot day on September 23rd of 2017 and no one expected the 31-degree temperature, on a

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