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Everything Starts With A Conversation

Everything Starts With A Conversation

From a one-page magazine ad to a website home page to pitching someone at a trade show to meeting an old friend at a Starbuck’s, all conversations are basically the same. Think about it. In all these instances, you have to ‘invite’ the other person’s interest and then build on it with the intention of

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Deb and Dave on hay bale

A Farm Wedding Story in Cottage Country

Deb and Dave wanted a wedding that was special and beautiful, yet uniquely expressing their individual style. They decided on a farm country wedding that was casual and comfortable for both them and their guests. It was a record hot day on September 23rd of 2017 and no one expected the 31-degree temperature, on a

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gift open with words boxing day

Boxing Day In Cottage Country

Boxing Day means different things to different people. Some LOVE the thrill of hunting for those bargains, while some prefer to spend a quiet day at home, and still for some there is more visiting with family and friends. Whatever your plans may be please remember that it’s a busy day for retail workers and

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Silhouettes of carollers

Those Were The Days – It Was A Very Good Year

Lush green leaves surrendered to Autumn altering their colours to orange then brown, only to lose their grip and tumble hapharzardly to the ground abandonning baren tree trunks and branches silhouetted against the dusk of an early evening sky.        It is a happy/sad time of year, scenery blending all of nature into

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santa paul selfie

FREE Selfie with Santa Day at MARK’S​ Friday Dec 8th 2-4pm

You won’t want to miss the Free Selfie with Santa Day event, being held at Mark’s on Lansdowne Street on December the 8th from 2-4pm. Santa Paul will be there sharing the joy with kids of all ages.   To learn more about Santa Paul go to

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clare hayes and horse in ring

Local Clare Hayes & his Road Horse Impressive WIN BIG

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair takes place every November in the City of Toronto. It celebrates the best in agriculture, local food, and equestrian competitions from across the country. Whether a visitor or an exhibitor, The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair is jam-packed with home-grown fun and the best in local food and animal entertainment. The Royal is the largest

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community care Councillor

No One Should have to Grieve Alone if they Don’t Want To

That’s always been the philosophy of the Community Care Health & Care Network’s Hospice Services and the organization’s grief support programs. It’s a simple belief at the core of the wide range of services available to local residents. Since grief is natural and necessary, and must be dealt with when loss of a loved one

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Mary LaRocque green countryside

Marlin Travel Your Destination Experts

Mary LaRocque loves sharing her passion for travelling with others. She has been the owner of Marlin Travel for the past 13 years, and has been in the travel business for the past 33 years. Marlin Travel is a full service travel agency which focuses on customized group and individual tours, destination weddings/honeymoons and river

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