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Summit Terrace outside

Dreaming of the Future at Summit Terrace….

Dreaming of the Future at Summit Terrace….

Located in a quiet residential neighbourhood, your will find Summit Terrace… just two blocks north of Lansdowne St., providing easy access to the Wellness Centre, Kawartha Golf & Country Club, Lansdowne St shops, and restaurants, as well as the airport and Hwy 115. Imagine being so close to such a wide variety of destinations within

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The Regency Lakefield suite

The Regency of Lakefield – Enjoying Life to the Fullest

In cottage country the beauty of nature is right at your fingertips. We take pride in our quaint and hospitable small towns, the culture and friendly people. You can look out your window and see lush trees and a generous variety of wildlife. When retiring, many look for a change of pace, a slowing of

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trailer loaded with pumpkins

Thanksgiving Traditions

The leaves are already beginning to turn to beautiful oranges and reds, which means fall is coming and so is Thanksgiving. For many people with cottages, spending Thanksgiving at the lake, surrounded with the crisp smells of autumn is the marker of another full season coming to a close. Thanksgiving became an official Canadian holiday

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close up of chipmunk eating nuts

Taking Cottage Country for Granted

It’s easy to do, you’ve lived here for years, you get so caught up in your busy day to day activities, and you miss the beauty that is all around you. As a kid/teen I never understood why my cousins would get so excited to come for a visit, they were always thrilled when we

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dock at sunset with chairs

A Time for Renewal NOT Retirement

For many of us the word retirement feels like a bad word signaling the end of your life. This is far too much drama for what should be the very best years to come.  This subject needs a change of outlook. I’ve decided to look upon my future retirement as a time to renew, a

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couple sitting on dock with sunset

Renewing Your Life Your Way

Finding the right location where you want to spend your retiring years, requires taking stock of your wants, needs and abilities. Within your means and abilities, you want to give great thought to those things that would bring peace to your life, a sense of fulfillment and most of all “joy.” Renewing your outlook on

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airplane from landing gear

Medical Card Helps Advocate for Travelers

An Ontario man while in Nova Scotia had a stroke at the age of 38.  A 7 year old Hamilton boy falls ill in Cuba.  A New Brunswick woman was hospitalized in Ottawa after a serious fall. A volunteer from Winnipeg is hospitalized in Ottawa.  During a cruise and after being hospitalized a man and

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Nicks canoe with stickers

My Early Days with Canoes

In my grade six social studies text I was spellbound by the fluid lines of canoes that appeared in the line drawings of C.W. Jeffries. The canoe travels of Champlain, the Jesuits and les Voyageurs enthralled me. I heard that Boy Scouts were taught how to paddle a canoe. “Canoeing! That’s for me!” I thought.

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