Your Closing the Cottage Checklist

dave linkert

We all love spending time at the cottage relaxing, but somehow the season seems to whiz by. Suddenly it’s time to close the cottage. Getting everything ready for the cold weather is always a chore, so be sure to cover all the bases; which makes your spring opening, a breeze.

  • Clear out all food items and take the garbage out.
  • Turn off the main breaker.  If you plan to leave a heat source on for the winter, turn off all other breakers but leave that one on.
  •  Open all taps inside and out, draining the lines and open all drain valves.
  • Connect a garden hose to the bottom valve of your hot water heater and run it outside. Open the lower valve to drain, caution! the water is likely still hot.  Once the dripping has stopped, disconnect the hose and place a bowl under the valve to catch any last drips.
  • Disconnect dishwashers and washing machines and drain the lines.
  • Disconnect the inlet side of your water pump and leave the valves open.
  • Flush the toilets and pour a liberal amount of plumbers antifreeze into the bowl as well as the tank.
  • Pour plumbers antifreeze down each drain including the washing machine. Note; plumbers antifreeze is cheaper than a plumbing repair so don’t be shy.
  • Add approved septic bacteria to your tank to keep it working over the winter.
  • Clean out your woodstove and close the damper and door.
  • For lawnmowers and chainsaws, run them until they are out of gas and store safely.
  • Store all electronics and valuables out of site or under a bed.
  • Put outside toys and furniture away into a locked shed, including the bbq with the tank turned off and disconnected.
  • Take pictures or a video of both inside and out. Lock all windows and doors and close the blinds. Board up the windows and doors
    if possible.

This checklist will make both closing and opening the cottage much easier, giving you more time to enjoy the beauty of cottage country.

Safe drive home; remember to take the cottage keys!

By Dave Linkert, Site Supervisor Marshall Homes Port 32

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