Communicating with Animals

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Imagine if we could understand what animals were thinking? What if we could communicate with them, how would that change our world? For many people this idea that humans could communicate with animals is farfetched, but after learning of the amazing story of a leopard named Spirit, more and more people might ponder the thought that just maybe it’s possible to connect with animals on a deeper and more spiritual level.

Every once a while you hear a story that really strikes a chord, stops and makes you think and touches your heart long after hearing it. This is the remarkable story of a deadly black leopard, originally named Diablo, and his connection with animal communicator, Anna Breytenbach. She has dedicated her life to what she calls interspecies communication – sending detailed messages to animals through pictures and thoughts and then receives messages back from the animals. This is what happened when Breytenbach was called in to help with Diablo. You can watch the video online that shows you how this touching and unbelievable story takes place.

Diablo was a vicious and dangerous cat that came from a zoo where he was abused and taken in at Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa, where the owner had a remarkable relationship with all of the cats there except for Diablo. He just remained in his night shelter at all times and snarled at anyone that came close to him. Even after being at the sanctuary for six months he never left his cage, was very aggressive and even bit the owner. They were at a loss as to what to do with him. Even though he had his doubts and did not believe that an animal could talk to a human, he thought that if Breytenbach could change the behaviors of Diablo that he would know then that she was actually in dialogue with animals, so he let her come and try.

It was said that Breytenbach did not know any previous history or information about the leopard before she went to speak to him. From the moment he saw her Diablo immediately calmed down and allowed Breytenbach to sit outside of his cage and look at him. She began to communicate with him understanding who he was as an individual and why he was so upset. One of the reasons Breytenbach explained was he was concerned and wanted to know what happened to two young cubs that had lived next to him at his last home. It was at that moment the owners really believed she was communicating with the leopard, talking about something they had forgotten about until she mentioned it, and something Breytenbach did not know about. She also passed along the message that he did not like his name and the dark associations with it. Breytenbach assured Diablo that he was finally safe there and they did not expect anything from him. Later that afternoon the owner was stunned as Diablo finally went out of his cage and into his larger enclosure, roaming freely for the first time in his entire six months there. The owner then decided to change Diablo’s name and called him Spirit. He also assured Spirit that the cubs he was concerned about were now safe. That was the first time Spirit was totally relaxed and the owner felt at ease with him, and felt in fact that he understood him. In the online video it shows him moved to tears, a truly touching ending to an amazing, moving story.

On the Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary web site they provide an update on Spirit, saying that the sanctuary brought in both of the cubs, now grown into full size leopards, and they live with Spirit where they all roam happily together.

Whether you believe in animal communication or not, there is so much to learn from this incredible story, like the importance of having respect for all creatures and learning to co-exist with all of the earth in harmony.

By Tracey Allison

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