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Spring is accompanied by the resurgence of life.  The chirping robins herald the arrival of longer days and warmer weather.  Spinnaker our King Charles rescue has taken an oath of fitness.  Unfortunately running around the kitchen after food doesn’t fit the bill.  These spaniels were the favourites of royalty and I could see Spinny as an official food taster for the king.  Whether it its toast or turkey Spin puts all comers through a thorough sniff test with 99% of the offerings falling prey to his gullet.  With ingestion comes weight gain.  Spin is on the path to his fighting weight to get back into his sailor suit.  

Approximately 50% of dogs are over weight.  The key to weight loss is decreased food intake.  Sorry Spinnaker!  Exercise is important to one’s well being but decreasing the calories consumed is the answer.  Personally I know that one-hour walking briskly on the treadmill qualifies me for one Lean Cuisine meal. Killing our best friends with kindness in the form of food is the downfall.  Obesity leads to diabetes, increased cancer risk, and heart disease.

This time last year Christi discovered a small mass on Amigo Habernero (our friendly pepper beach dog).  Closer examination revealed an engorged tick that was removed and sent to the lab for testing.  Ticks unfortunately are becoming much more common and with them the incidence of Lyme disease.  Lyme disease can cause lameness, lethargy or be asymptomatic.  Now is the time for annual blood testing of your pet for Lyme disease, Heartworm, Anaplasmosis and Ehrlichia.  Protection from tick diseases comes as topical drops or oral tablets giving three months protection.  Give PAH a call at 705 745 4605.

Dr. Terry Davidson
Parkhill Animal Hospital, 1535 Chemong Road, Selwyn, ON K9J 6X2

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