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Cottage season has arrived and with it a healthy dose of mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and black flies.  On route to our cottage with our four dogs several years ago we stopped in the local village for groceries.  Christi stood outside the auto to stretch her legs with the car still running and the air conditioner on.  When I returned the car was locked.  Peppercorn had pushed down the lock.  A phone call to CAA promised a quick arrival.  The four buddies relaxed in cool luxury while Christi and I fried outside.  Meanwhile, Toto Bird (our Cairn Terrier) decided to help herself to the turkey sandwich on the dashboard.  When CAA arrived all that remained of lunch was a wrapper, a slice of tomato and lettuce leaves.  

At the cottage an army of mosquitoes met us.  Here’s to cottage life! After an awesome weekend the rain arrived, as we were about to leave.  Toto was missing in action.  After searching for two hours and soaked to the bone we enjoyed soup and baked chicken nuggets hoping the magical vapours would bring Toto out of the woodwork.  No luck!  Peppercorn, our terrier followed her Dad for another hour long wet search that concluded in success.  There lay Toto sleeping soundly, like Snow White, on a stack of insulation under the cabin.  Who doesn’t love the independence of terriers?

June is the time to protect your pets against mosquitoes carrying Heartworm, ticks with Lyme disease and bloodsucking fleas. Superb topical and oral meds are available at your veterinarian.  Most meds require a once a month application orally or on the skin.  An ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure.

Happy Summer!

Dr. Terry Davidson
Parkhill Animal Hospital,
1535 Chemong Road, Selwyn


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