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mom cat feeding kittens

I arrived home last night to the announcement of a new arrival. Isolated in the family room awaited a sweet, stray cat obviously not feral.  Our other six felines heartily disapproved of this new guest complaining that our home is becoming a home for wayward cats.  Last fall another red feline strayed into our garage and our hearts.  Charlie as he became to be known is now residing with our friend enjoying the good life.  

This morning I palpated the enlarged abdomen of this stray.  The conclusion – she’s definitely pregnant.  I returned an hour later with a cup of coffee and much to my surprise a kitten had arrived.  Like clockwork, within the hour mama cat produced two more kittens (three being the average size of a litter).  We decided to name our newest guest Sunshine in honour of her reddish coat and her sweet, sunny disposition.  As John our neighbour who named his dog Sunshine says there is never enough Sunshine in our lives!

The dog days of summer are here and when walking our buddies to the park (also when travelling in the car) I always carry a water bottle, a bowl and a spray bottle for misting.  Daily I see our canine friends walking with their tongues extended, panting in an attempt to cool themselves off so please be prepared when walking your dogs.

“Sunshine” arrived on our door step in the nick of time.  May sunshine bless you and your best four-legged friends these summer months!  

P.S.  Please remember to apply monthly tick and flea medications

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