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2 gray kittens

A month has sailed past since the arrival of Sunshine our stray cat that gifted us with 3 kittens.  At 5 weeks the bundles of fluff have already earned their ninja papers as they climb and investigate everything in sight including pant legs. Ouch!  

Spinnaker loves buttered toast.  Dogs have 1700 taste buds compared to 9000 in humans.  A dog’s taste buds are Spinnaker Dogconcentrated around the tip of his tongue so once the food is in his mouth taste matters little.  It’s all about the smell.  Dogs have 125 million sensory cells in their noses compared to humans with 5 – 10 million cells.  This equates to thousands of times more scent than humans can detect.  That is why the city police dog is so good at sniffing out chicken strips in our office when he’s not tracking down criminals.

Spinnaker is a specialist at sniffing out butter.  Margarine is a no go!  We once found a slice of toast buried in our chesterfield that did not meet the palate sensibilities of Dara, our Golden.  Her motto was “More butter please”.  A dog’s taste is limited to sweet, sour, bitter and salty.  A dog’s indiscriminate palate can lead him to the vet’s office.  When he smells something with the flavour of food he might deem it edible.  We did surgery on a Golden that ate a baby soother, which became lodged in the intestine causing necrosis of the surrounding tissue.  The surgery was a success.  The moral of the story is to prevent your dog from gaining access to harmful objects.  My father’s hearing aid made a great chew toy for his Schnauzer but luckily it wasn’t ingested.

Spinnaker wishes you a wonderful day. May every morning greet you with buttered toast!

Dr. Terry Davidson, Parkhill Animal Hospital, 705 745 4605


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