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Fall has arrived!  The harvesting of this year’s crop of catnip in the garden is well underway much to the delight of our six felines.  Fresh or dried this is their drug of choice.  Six roly-poly felines getting down and chilled is always an amusing encounter.

The milkweed growing in our garden has attracted multiple monarch butterflies.  The David Suzuki Foundation website encourages residents to plant milkweed to aid these butterflies that undertake the longest insect migration on earth – 5000 miles from Canada to Mexico.  

Spinnaker our King Charles spaniel has gladly exchanged his sailor life vest to pursue indoor activities – cocooning by the fireplace.  Food, followed by comfort and rawhides are Spinnaker’s priority.  Forty percent of pet owners blame their best friends for sleep disruption.  Experts advise pets should be removed from the bedroom and given a warm comfortable bed.  Chilli Pepper, Amigo and Spinny and three felines say good luck with that one!  Prince Spinnaker displaces any feline who dares invade his bedroom domain by dropping down his derriere with recall aplomb.  Shortly after the snoring begins.  Two air cleaners and a fan fail to deafen the sweet sounds of Spinny sawing logs.

Onion Sauce, one of our nighthawk felines, always arrives a 3:30 a.m. with a waking kiss – a touch of claw followed by a stern poke if petting doesn’t promptly ensue.  Thank you for morning coffee!

Enjoy cocooning this fall with your best buddies.  On a happy note, Sunshine the stray cat who arrived 10 weeks ago has recovered from pneumonia and we have found the best of homes for her and her three kittens.  Many a feline at the shelters would benefit from your love and attention as winter approaches.

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