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Dog with christmas antlers

December and winter have arrived and before we know it Santa will be at the door.  Our nine best friends have set forth a plethora of requests.  Toadie, our handsome red feline, and his sister Mole had requested that Mitzy and Turtle (arch enemies) be banned from their home and take up residence in our garage.  Santa said “Mostly No!”  Onion Sauce our portly puss has requested a year’s supply of turkey Temptations.  Spinnaker and Chili Pepper, our two bed hog dogs, have petitioned for new down pillows.  Amigo Habernero, our Cuban import, is again doing his Rudolph impersonation by scaling the garage roof to gain access to his favorite lookout to see who has been naughty or nice.

On a more serious note, Christmas can be a source of problems for our four-legged friends.  Every holiday a number of pets visit the emergency room.  Chocolate is one of the top Christmas goodies that can lead to gastrointestinal problems and severe neurological effects.  Dark chocolate and Baker’s Chocolate are the most toxic.  Pointsettia sap can cause skin and mouth irritation and vomiting.  The berries of mistletoe and holly plants are poisonous.  Tinsel is very attractive to cats and if ingested could lead to an intestinal obstruction.  Candles should be placed in a hard to reach spot to save your pet from a serious burn.

Christi and I are off to Cuba again this month with a sack full of veterinary goodies for all of the good dogs and cats in Varadero.  May Santa be good to four-legged friends everywhere.  A very Merry Christmas from the Doctors and staff at Parkhill Animal Hospital and our nine best friends.

Dr. Terry Davidson, Parkhill Animal Hospital
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