Dragonfly Snacks

This is a fun little spring themed snack for kids to take in their lunches, or to take on a picnic; I’ve even seen them used as party favours.

All you need is a clothespin (we used wooden), a snack sized plastic zipper seal bag, glue, a pipe cleaner, paint or markers, small googly eyes and some snacks.

Fill half of the bag with one snack, and the other half with another – be sure to leave room to twist the bag in the centre.

Decorate your clothes pin with fun colours, stickers and sparkles work great too. Slide the centre of the pipe cleaner into the opening of the clothespin and twist together to make antennae; add eyes to the opening end of the clothespin.

When done decorating, clamp the clothespin over the twisted center of the snack bag. Voila! Dragonfly snacks to go.

Emily Ireland

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