Dreams of Moving from the City to the Country

Are you one of the many ‘cottagers’ who spends their weekends and holidays trying to figure out a way to be able to live here all year round? Let me assure you that you’re not alone!

It’s one of the hazards of spending time in paradise.

As a former downtown Toronto resident and corporate world cog, I know it is a gift that sometimes gets taken for granted and we have our guests and visitors to thank for bringing us back around to appreciating what we have every once in a while.

After the summer is over and people go back home to start the school year, some may think it gets pretty desolate up this way. Not so at all. In the off season, there are so many social activities and events, as well as groups and clubs, which start back up again that we often wonder when we ever had the time for the things we used to do.

Right here in Buckhorn, there are almost-daily events, activities, or club meetings, either at the Community Centre or at one of the churches. All year long the community and volunteers are busy planning and executing shows, tours, dinner theatres, and day trips for the admittedly smaller population who are very active and social none the less.

And the spectacular dining options, shopping, and sports activities are endless! There is a whole wonderful world right here in vacation land that those summer people don’t even know exists!

Anyone who thinks and tells themselves – as I did when I moved here from the GTA 9 years ago – that they will make every effort to go back into the city once a week for shopping, lunch with old friends, etc., will quickly find out what an effort it is to pull yourself away from your new life.

Submitted by Kim Letto, Sales Representative,

Century 21 in Buckhorn


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