The Early Morning Symphony

Wooden dock, pier, on a lake in the evening. Dramatic sunset

I’m an early morning riser. I am THAT person who opens their eyes at dawn, rolls out of bed within ten seconds and am coherent, happy and ready to take on the day. My husband is quite literally the exact opposite. If the expectation to wake up early comes anywhere near his sleep schedule, it is done so begrudgingly, the snooze button is hit repeatedly, coherency and plan making of any kind does not exist and excitement about it being a new day is devoid from his vocabulary until at least ten o’clock as it is literally crushed with mumbles, hissing at sunlight and the harsh movement of blankets getting pulled back over his head. Because of his distaste of morning, I often rise alone.

When on a girl’s weekend at a cottage last month, I awoke to the noises of the “sleeper inners”. A few subtle snores and muffled mumbles could be heard throughout the cottage and I silently wrapped myself up in a patchwork quilt, slipped out of the screen door with a coffee in hand and headed down to the dock. I was happily greeted by another early morning riser who had also maneuvered her way out of the cottage in ninja like fashion.

two beautiful ducks on a big lakeTogether as we sipped our dark roast, we watched the mist burn off from the lake. The sun low, still making its morning assent, started to cast its rays through the shadows of the tall pines.  As we sat, we listened to the morning music of animal life. A family of geese obnoxiously honking, an unsuspecting beaver kept beat with little bursts of gnawing sounds, the quiet quacking of ducks swimming near to see if bread crumbs would be offered, the gentle water ripples from eager fish starting to feed on the skittering water bugs and the low buzz of flies and the melodic chirps of birds singing their tune.

The moment was peaceful. It was simple, it was welcoming, and it was serene. There was no interruption from motorboats, or radios. Just the simple sounds of animal life sharing their secrets of the morning with us. The “sleeper inners” may have hit their snooze buttons a few times and gotten a bit more shut eye, but we early risers got to enjoy the amazing morning symphony.

By Danielle McNelly, Nortech for Windows, Doors & Sunrooms

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