Firework Prints

fireworks with paint

After seeing the Fireworks display for Canada Day my kids haven’t stopped talking about the Fizz and Boom, and all the lovely sparkling colours.

This is a quick and entertaining craft reminiscent of that warm summer night when their eyes sparkled with wonder. It is also a great one for keeping it simple when you need something fun to do stat!

You will need large sheets of paper, scissors, paper plates, paint and cardboard rolls.

Pick a few of those empty toilet paper rolls out of the recycling and snip inward to the middle all the way round one end until you have created a fringe of sorts. paint on toilet paper roll

Lay out paper plates, each with a different colour of paint. Dip and swirl your cardboard fringe in the paint. Use the paint covered fringe to make a print on a large piece of paper, the prints look like exploding fireworks!

Once you have several prints in a number of different colours, hang or set aside to dry.

This printed paper – if big enough, makes great wrapping paper for summer birthdays.

Emily Ireland

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