Flower Prints

painted flower

Making prints using nature is always something fun to do. Collecting all of ‘natures paintbrushes’ can add the adventure and exploration of tracking the perfect print-maker down. flower with paint

This time we didn’t head to nature, though generally that would be my direction. We instead bought some flowers that were discounted at the grocery store, we noticed them while in line to pay. We picked flowers that had lots of ruffled layers, ones we thought would make an interesting print.

At home we got out the paint and trays and clipped the flower stems shorter to provide little hands with easy to use stem handles.  Dip the flower gently in the paint and press onto paper. The trick is to get a light layer of paint on the petals, otherwise you end up with a mushy blob that doesn’t resemble a flower. Lots of trial and error, but hours of fun!

When you are done you can also gently rinse the flowers under cool water and place them in a vase for further enjoyment!

Emily Ireland

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