Getting a Proper Home Inspection is Critical

Man doing home inspection

I know, I know, we are hearing it all over cottage country “it’s a seller’s market”, but let’s not forget about common sense.

Bidding wars have become the norm in recent months and if you are ready to stretch your budget, then at least go in with a safety net and be a wise buyer.

The last thing that you want to do is go in at your max offer just to get the house, only to find out that it needs another 50K to fix it.

A lot of agents are suggesting putting in an offer without any conditions.  Quite frankly this is really risky and kind of crazy to consider doing.

Getting a proper home inspection is critical.  Without it you are making a major financial decision blindfolded.

What if your “new to you home” has knob and tube wiring or lead pipes, not to mention asbestos or mould issues?  You may not get house insurance, then what?

Home inspections are also the norm and if the seller wont let you get one, they might be hiding something and in fact, they might be doing you a favour by not accepting your offer.

Most people simply don’t know enough to make that kind of in depth analysis of a home.  Reputable, experienced and licensed home inspectors do.  They can’t always catch everything, but what they do see will help you in your negotiations.

Anyone with a checklist and a flashlight can “call themselves an inspector”, do your due diligence and make sure they are.

Find an inspector that has been around a while and hopefully carries insurance, but whatever you do – find one.

Don’t play Russian roulette with your largest investment!

By Dave Linkert, Site Supervisor Marshall Homes Port 32

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