Getting Ready for Summer with Easy Dock Installation

dock in water

The snow is on the ground, the winds are blowing, the temperature feels like we are all living in the Artic. But we start to notice the birds and animals scouring around. They all know spring is on it’s way. It’s that time of year when cottagers are starting to think spring. The warm air, the sunny days, the grass to cut. We start thinking about opening the cottage and getting it ready for fun times. The dock needs to be put back in the water. It is the perfect time to change your dock couplers with the HitcHinge.

dock with hitchingeHitcHinge dock couplers offer a simplified process, and cottage owners can save valuable time and frustration, in the process of connecting docks. This innovative system has no parts to lose, misplace or drop in the lake. It is self-supporting, meaning that it can support the ramp loads in alignment while you tighten the coupler from above. This self-aligning feature means most individuals will be able to remove and or install their dock with ease, using a single tool function.

The HitcHinge is quiet, with internal bushings and there is no metal on metal, offering a Silent function.

I am so pleased to tell you how impressed I am with your HitcHinge product! I think we will see more of your hitch hinges around the lake by next spring. Thanks for the great product. G.W.

Meet Andy Assink, Creator of the HitcHinge at Trade Shows this year: Toronto Sportsman Show March 13-18, Toronto Spring Cottage Life Show March 21-25, Peterborough Home & Cottage Show April 6-8, Ottawa Cottage Life & Backyard Show, April 12-15, Sudbury Home, Cottage & Reno Show April 20-22 2018

The HitcHinge can be ordered from suppliers – you will find them at or you can order direct by calling

Andy Assink, Owner


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