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Often the financial burden of owning a cottage causes more stress and worry than the amount of time spent relaxing at the cottage is worth. When you consider taxes, running costs, maintenance and upkeep, as well as mortgage and loan payments, a cottage can end up being a huge drain on finances. Thankfully there is a much less costly alternative – cottage resort living.

So what exactly is a recreational cottage? It is maintenance-free cottage ownership that includes all of the amenities of being at a resort. You’ll still have your own private little cottage where you can enjoy all of the traditional cottage pastimes but you will also enjoy the all-inclusive extras like full family entertainment, a heated salt water pool, multi-sports court, playground, recreational pavilion, daily kids club activities, special event nights, splash pads, paddle boards, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, boating, swimming and more.

The beauty of outright recreational cottage ownership with Great Blue Resorts is a much more desirable option for many when compared with having timeshare or fractional ownership. You don’t have to share your cottage, and can still manage affordable monthly payments. Access to recreational facilities and assistance with maintenance means your family gets to spend more time enjoying themselves and less time working on the upkeep of the property.

These cottages are very close to how one might imagine traditional Canadian cottage life – a cute little cottage nestled away in a forested area with a few neighbors and breathtaking views of a lake. All cottages come with shingled rooftops, low-maintenance vinyl siding and windows, and are fully furnished throughout including appliances, window treatments, air-conditioning and choice of tasteful décor.

Don’t wait until next year to buy the cottage you’ve always dreamed of at one of eight Great Blue Resort locations in Niagara, Muskoka, the Kawarthas, Prince Edward County, and Perth. For a limited time, save up to $3,000* off select models of brand new cottages! Or take advantage of one of Great Blue Resorts pre-owned options (limited availability) from as low as $69,900 plus tax with outright ownership. Each Great Blue Resort property features its own unique all-inclusive carefree lifestyle that the whole family can enjoy. So beat the spring rush, and save 50% off resort management fees for next year.

When you see all that’s included, ask yourself, where can you spend less money while having the time of your life creating family memories that will last forever? Recreational cottage ownership is an option that can make your family getaway dreams come true!

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