Glow Bugs

Our yard is sparkling with glow bugs these last few weeks. It is magical looking, and our kids think the sparkling bugs are mysterious and enchanting.

To make your own little glow bugs it is simple, and they will glow through the night. You will need some plastic Easter eggs (the kind that pop apart and can be filled), battery-operated tea lights, hot glue gun, googly eyes, construction paper, and pipe cleaners.

The first part is really a grown-up job. You will need to glue the tea light inside the pointier end of the egg with the ‘flame’ light pointing inside. Be careful not to get glue on the edge of the egg where it will need to re-attach to the other part. Once you close the egg with the light on you will see that it is glowing.

Now is the fun part. Kids can glue on the eyes using white glue or hot glue; with help. Cut the pipe cleaners into short
lengths and use them to make antennae and little legs. The pointer end of the egg will be the back of the glow bug as it will be brightest. Cut out some little oval wings and glue on top.

Once the glue is all dry, take them outside with a bedtime snack, or set them on a bedroom windowsill and watch them light up the night.

Emily Ireland

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