Why is Grooming Your Dog in the Winter Vitally Important?

dog in bath

Many are under the misconception that a longer coat in the winter is better to keep our furry friends warm, after all we wear warmer clothes in the winter, right?

WRONG! Nothing could be further from the truth, in fact, dogs need more grooming attention in the winter. When grooming is ignored, the skin becomes irritated, dry and sore, causing discomfort.

Whether your dog has short or long hair, proper winter grooming is essential for your dog’s skin, paws and coat.

Cold air and snow, along with salt and sand, causes dry itchy and sore skin in dogs, just as it does in humans. Imagine not taking a bath or taking care of your skin all winter? How dry and sore would your skin be?

In wintertime your dog’s fur gets wet frequently, from snow and slush mixed with road salt and sand. The fur becomes matted, holding moisture like a sponge and causes your dog to actually be colder.

Shirley Manning of the Paw Spa in Lakefield has been grooming dogs for 28 years. “It always makes me sad when I see pet owners neglecting grooming in the winter– it’s so hard on the dog.”

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