Halloween Playdough

playdough pumpkin in wrap

When I was a kid my mom always made our own Play-dough at home with me. She was always wary of pre-packaged everything. I can still hear her say ‘Why would we buy it, when we can make it ourselves?” I’m glad she did. Now when I need a quick hands-on project for my kids, this is a go-to. Quick and easy, and holds their attention and imaginations for hours.

This is a simple recipe, and the fun is endless! You will need a large pot, large mixing bowl, stirring spoon, measuring spoon, measuring cups, water, flour, alum, salt, oil, and food colouring. Most of these things are easy to find. Any grocery store will carry the ingredients, but you likely have them around the kitchen, so no running out to the store for supplies.

The first steps definitely need to be done by an adult, but my kids liked kneading the dough to get all the bumps out once it was cooled off.

We separated our orange Play-dough into small portions, rolled them into balls, and wrapped them in plastic wrap with ribbon to look like little pumpkins. The kids are going to hand them out to their class for Halloween!

Halloween Play-dough

– Measure 2 Cups of Flour in a large mixing bowl

– Bring 2 Cups of Water, and ½ Cup of Salt to a boil in large pot until salt is dissolved

– Remove from heat, add 2TBS alum, and 2 TBS Cooking Oil, add 10 drops orange food colouring (more if you want super bright colour),

stir together (The Alum acts as a preservative, the mixture can be made without it if you prefer)

– Pour boiling mixture over flour in mixing bowl and mix well

– Eventually the mix will get thick enough that you will have to take the dough out and knead it. Be Careful it will be HOT!

Knead until all the lumps and bumps are gone.  Store in an airtight container in the fridge for longest lifetime.

Emily Ireland

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