HitcHinge Dock Couplers Making Dock Removal a Breeze

Dock view of island with fog

It’s that time of year again, the season where all cottagers being to plan for the coming cold weather. Taking the dock out, or getting it ready for the passage of winter is always high on the list of things to accomplish before the water is too cold. It can be a time consuming and tricky process to get it all apart. Especially knowing that you have to get it all back together again next spring!

HitcHinge dock couplers offer a simplified process, with which cottage owners can save valuable time and frustration in the process of connecting docks. This innovative system has no parts to lose, misplace or drop in the lake. It is self-supporting, meaning that it can support the ramp loads in alignment while you tighten the coupler from above. This self-aligning feature means most individuals will be able to remove and or install their dock with ease, using a single tool function. You simply transfer weight from one side to the other, and the HitcHinge will remain connected as you tighten the bolt to secure it in place.

This Dock Coupler operates with inner bushings; offering silent operation and is designed for all kinds of dock systems. Made up of two integral parts, the “Hitch” is a gripping flange that retains an actuation bolt and a locking tooth, and the “Hinge”- a flange which is retaining an outer sleeve over an inner bushing, and end plate washers on a fixed axis pin, that offers an extended range of motion and durability.

Owner Andy Assinck has achieved considerable success this year, his business was chosen as one of the three finalists in the Innovation Stream category of the Bear’s Lair Entrepreneurial Competition. Dock HitcHinge also took home the Entrepreneur of the Year award for Peterborough County in May 2017

The HitcHinge as a dock coupler has been given such positive support this year and Andy would like to thank everyone who offered entrepreneurial provision as well as the valued individuals offering kind advice. Assinck is grateful for dealers, builders, fabricators and contractors favoring the HitcHinge over existing dock couplers systems, without whom the dock coupling system would not be celebrating the success it has today.  They have extended their patent pending process from only Canada, to the US as well. They have also altered their dock coupler, going from component parts welded together to creating a revolutionary product as an extruded fabrication system, simpler, stronger, and looks great too.

Andy Assinck, Owner


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