Pro Fishing Tips with Mike Williams

Mike Williams holding 2 fish

Pro Fishing Tips with Mike Williams
What’s in your Tackle Box?

Welcome to the spring fishing season anglers. In this article let’s talk about your must haves in spring fishing gear. The first thing to remember is that the type of gear you want to use is always species specific.

Pan Fish – For panfish and crappie I would suggest small, brightly coloured tube baits, twister tails, or small swim-baits rigged on light 1/16oz jig heads.  These can be rigged with bobbers, or a float for strike indications or not.  Medium to light spinning gear spooled with light line 4-8lb test monofilament line to target pan fish.

Walleye – You want to have an assortment of Rapalas J-9 or straight, in Perch Pattern or Black and Gold.  Another versatile option is a lipless rattling crankbait, such as a Cotton Cordell Rattlin Rap in the Fire Tiger Colour, which can be reeled in steady or jig retrieved to trigger strikes from not so active fish.  Heavier jig heads ¼- ½ also work well tipped with a twister tail grub, Gulp or live minnows. These are tried and tested methods to catch early season walleye. Medium to medium heavy spinning or bait casting gear spooled with 10-20lb monofilament or braided line to target walleye.

Pike  – Pike are very aggressive in nature and will strike at most anything that comes near their immediate The head of the pike closeup. Pike in the hands of the fisherman.territory.  A spinner bait is a great way to cover water and trigger strikes from these toothy critters. Pike also love jerk baits like a Bomber Long A and larger soft plastic swim-baits.  Be sure you have a good set of pliers, jaw spreaders and gloves on hand to help with unhooking these toothy beasts and be very careful when handling these fish as they are powerful and can easily flop around and get a hook stuck in you! Medium heavy to heavy spinning or bait casting gear strung up with 20-50 lb braid with a 6-10-inch wire leader to target the tooth infested pike. 

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I hope some of my tips help you target and land more fish consistently. Happy fishing and tight lines everyone!

By Mike Williams, Pro Angler & Owner of Williams Outfitters in Curve Lake First Nation

Mike Williams is a professional angler with over 20 years of guiding and tournament experience. He is a 4-time Top Bass Angler of the year, 2-time CSFL Classic champion (to name just a few)  and a Featured TV Co-host on Canadian Sport Fishing with Italo Labignan and on the Fly Fisher with Bill Spicer.

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