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Small town entrepreneurship is alive and well in Apsley. For one local man, changes in business have taken him from a small contractor to the builder of dreams.

Andy Assinck has lived in Apsley for 35 years and began Assinck Contracting, specialising in repairs, renovations and new builds. Always thinking ahead, Andy developed a new product, turning porches, decks and screen rooms in to Dream Rooms – Dream view Enclosures Inc.

Knowing people like to enjoy the outdoors even when weather doesn’t permit; Andy developed a system of clear shutter panels that protect from the elements, while still offering a view. With 100% air flow, everyone can enjoy relaxing with no worries about bugs, rain, wind or snow.

These systems come in 2 types: The Hide a Way – which offers storage at the bottom for the clear panels, or The Trim to Fit – offering floor to ceiling views.

Consider turning un-used or poorly used space into a whole new room. Panels are self-storing, and cleaning is done from the inside, making it quick and easy.

These enclosures can become part of your existing home or cottage or, build a Serenity Hut on your property. Serenity Huts are custom built, and offer a peaceful escape. Watch the sun set, or go to your quiet meditation room.

Andy has also developed something that cottagers and lake residents will find unique and extremely helpful. Who has lost parts while putting in the dock? Who has gotten cold, or wet while doing it? With the Dock HitcHinge Couplers these issues are avoided.dock showing our hitchinge

Dock HitcHinge couplers are a new way to set up your dock. Self-supporting of loads, and activated with one tool (3/4” socket), create a child and pet friendly surface on your dock with no need to get wet while installing.

For the DIY person or contractors, time spent with old coupling pin systems will now be available for other things. Weekends are short, why spend it in a freezing lake, or shopping for lost tools when the Dock HitcHinge will save time, money and aggravation.

Andy Assinck   705 933 8439


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