Do You Know Your Property Boundaries?

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Life is good – really good.  I have spent most of my career working in and around Ontario’s glorious cottage country.  I am an Ontario Land Surveyor.

Your cottage property is your sanctuary – your paradise.  It is the place where memories are built and ties with family and friends are solidified.  But from a surveying perspective, cottage country is full of title and boundary issues that can play havoc with the peace of mind that should be associated with your cottage.

Let me share the reality of some of the things I have seen.  I have seen boathouses and cottages built on shore road allowances that are not part of the cottage lot.  I have seen vehicular access cut off because the deeded right of way does not match with the physical right of way on the ground.  I have seen boathouses, garages, bunkies and cottages built with the assumption that a hedgerow or a fence was on the property line – only to find out the fence was nowhere near the boundary.  I have listened to countless cottage owners tell me where they believe the boundary lies – only to find out that they were 2’ or 10’ or even 100’ out. Surveyor machine

But, I have also been able to help each of these cottage owners.  If there are problems that are uncovered during the surveying of a cottage property, Ontario Land Surveyors can offer solutions that will give you back your peace of mind.  We can help you purchase the shore road allowance that your cottage lies on.  We can help you sort out the access issues.  We can help restore peace of mind and peace in the neighbourhood.

Not all properties have problems.  In fact, the vast majority of properties are, from a surveying perspective, problem free.  Even still, the benefits of surveying your property are many.  Having confidence in knowing where your property lines lie on the ground is – maybe not priceless – but certainly valuable.   My experience points to one BIG TICKET advantage to getting a survey of your little piece of paradise.   Eventually you plan to either pass the property on to another family member, or to sell the property.  Discovering there is an issue at the point of sale leaves you with several bad options.  Let’s imagine the survey shows that the portion of the cottage actually lies on the shore road allowance.  This may force a substantial reduction in the purchase price.  You may lose the sale because the process to purchase that road allowance, although not incredibly costly, is going to take many months.  Retaining the services of an Ontario Land Surveyor will give you the advantage of knowing if there is an issue that needs to be resolved. I have long told people that surveyors are much more than suppliers of plans.  We are suppliers of knowledge.

If you do purchase a survey for your little piece of paradise, in return you are not going to get a visible tangible item that you can admire and use every day.  Instead, you will be purchasing knowledge and peace of mind.   IBW Surveyors is very proud of part of that transaction.

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