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Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your project, or renovation? Stuck with an idea in your head but no idea how to implement it? Let Lakeshore Designs help you be the star of your own Home Reno Show! We’ll take your project and help you make it your dream home.

Starting with a clear description of what you want to change in your home and then defining your priorities are key. Which renovation items are must-haves and what you can do without, are important when budgeting for your home renovation. This planning can make a real difference in terms of success of your project, and your ability to keep within your budget. Many renovation problems are a direct result of poor planning. Beyond the necessary repairs, your home or cottage renovation should provide you with improved functionality, comfort and convenience. To achieve this, we can help to set goals for your project and arrange tradespeople to get the job done, in a timely manner.

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An intelligent design is imperative for a successful renovation. Whether you are remodelling the entire cottage, turning your unfinished basement in to a Nanny Suite, or updating your living room or kitchen, the quality of the design will determine how satisfied you will be with the finished job. With the recognition that each project is unique, Lakeshore Designs takes an individualized approach to eachproject. There is not a one size fits all when it comes to home renovations or interior design projects. Our team of experienced interior designers, decorators and contractors will work with you to explore designs that fit your lifestyle and budget.

The design process begins with a discussion of your ideas, and inspiration photos from many sources like Pinterest or Houzz. Our team will talk to you about your intentions in the space, what your needs and wants are. Based on the information provided, our team will come up with conceptual plans, with proposed layouts for furniture, electrical, including light fixtures, kitchen, bathroom and laundry computerized plansdesign and paint colour selections. Most times there are revisions made to the plans, and by the end of the design process you will have a set of drawings showing what the final project will look like.

At Lakeshore Designs, our interior designers can assist in sourcing furniture, lighting, accessories and more to complete the project. Custom cabinetry, finishes and fixtures for kitchen and bathrooms all aide in making your project come to life. Project management, in all areas of design and decorating, from start to completion, ensure your experience is simple and rewarding.

Lakeshore Designs, 2968 Lakefield Road, Selwyn

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