Leisure Fishing with Pro Angler Mike Williams

boy and girl holding fish

If you are lucky enough to get to the cottage or lake this summer, you will want to set aside some time to do some leisurely fishing. Fishing is a relaxing way to reconnect with nature, family and friends.

Leave the cell phones alone for a few hours and escape the rigors of everyday life and communicate with each other in a way that is real and genuine.  Enjoy each other’s company having real conversations.

Enjoy some laughs and relish in the healing powers of reconnecting in a relaxing way without the stress of the real world getting in the way.young boy holding fish

Without thinking about work, sports, deadlines and all of the other distractions of everyday life, take the time to talk about old memories of loved ones that may not be with us anymore, how they taught you life lessons or share some old memories or fishing stories.

You will be surprised what this will do for your health and well-being, your relationships and your family. 

So next time you are thinking of heading to the lake, remember to pack your poles, your grandpa’s old tackle box, buy some worms at the local bait shop and spend a few hours on the lake relaxing or at the dock teaching your young ones how to tie a knot, bait a hook, cast a rod and catch some fish.  It will do wonders for your soul and create everlasting memories.

Cheers – enjoy your summer and may the fish be with you!

By Mike Williams, Pro Angler & Owner of Williams Outfitters in Curve Lake First Nation

Mike Williams is a professional angler with over 20 years of guiding and tournament experience.

He is 4-time Top Bass Angler of the year, 2-time CSFL Classic champion (to name just a few)  and a Featured TV Co-host on Canadian Sport Fishing with Italo Labignan and on the Fly Fisher with Bill Spicer.

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