Life Is Just One Big Adventure for Kids in Cottage Country

Kids running in a field

There is nothing young children love more than being able to run ‘wild’ in wide open spaces, to be able to set forth on grand adventures and to embark upon exciting outdoor explorations! And with the opportunity to visit farms, go horse riding, kayaking or canoeing, to observe wildlife in its natural habitat, or even just ride their bikes on our rugged trails, we think we’ve got the perfect ingredients for a childhood paradise right here in cottage country.

Most families living in this region will undoubtedly agree that raising kids here is a dream come true.

As we know, having the opportunity to move about freely creates more confidence in our children, and, of course, being in the fresh air and sunshine provides the obvious added health rewards. The overall benefits of being close to nature are becoming clearer, and studies have shown that not only does spending time in green spaces result in lower levels of stress and reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression, but it can actually improve cognition for children with attention deficits.

We’re already aware of the benefits of fresh air and exercise for physical health and with more and more diagnoses of mental illness being made nowadays, it’s comforting to know that living here can provide parents with a balanced, preventative lifestyle and a completely natural way of maintaining their kids’ overall good health.

Our region has so many exciting and accessible opportunities for fun learning experiences. There are caves to explore, Alpaca Farms to visit, unique outings such as a trip to the Haliburton Wolf Centre, outdoor education centres, camp sites galore, zoos, free splash pads, beaches, farmers markets, and historic sites which provide interactive learning for kids. Many farms have year-round activities on offer for children to participate in and get active while learning.

The list of fun stuff for children to do in cottage country is seemingly endless! Be sure to watch our Kids Events listings and take a look at our Hot List of Attractions and Destinations to find out what’s going on in the area for kids.

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