Lifting You Up When the Climb Has You Down

Cottage Lift on high hill

With fascinating landscapes abound in cottage country, structures are built where nature allows. Many properties remain water access, meaning if your cottage is also built on a hill or rock face you are carrying everything up that hill, every visit. Hillside homes and cottages offer great benefits – stunning sunsets, a breeze that keeps bugs away, and scenic views of the lake or landscape. Long steep climbs can make enjoying your property difficult. Families are less likely to make use of the waterfront when they have a long climb back and forth. Steep climbs hinder accessibility, limiting who can visit, and the age and mobility of owners who aren’t ready to give up the cottage experience.

Cottage Lifts, a business with more than 25 years of experience, can help you. Rekindling your love of your property with a lift system. lift on steep hillCottage Lifts has been working continuously to improve their lifts, thereby creating a superior product which is tailored to your property and its individual requirements. Always thinking of safety, Cottage Lifts have included a new braking system, this is in addition to the four independent safety controls they already have. This new brake is fully automatic and will stop a lift car before you even know you need to stop. Plus every lift comes with remote control, capable of covering a quarter mile.

In an effort to offer an off-grid lift, Cottage Lifts has been working on a prototype for about 5 years; and they are happy to announce it has been perfected! In their effort to find the perfect power source many options were tested, solar systems didn’t have enough energy, a battery system was too expensive, and a generator – expensive, large and cumbersome. Cottage lifts has now created a system that is totally independent of any conventional form of energy. It is a gasoline powered hydraulic system, has an electric start, and stops automatically at the top and bottom.

You can find a demonstration model set up at Cottage Lifts showroom, stop in and take a ride! Complement your property by adding the features of a lift this season.

Cottage Lifts, Bracebridge


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