Magic in the Peterborough Air!

Musicfest Stage at night

Mother nature must have known how much Peterborough wanted to see Kate Suhr and Ruth B! Even though fans had to watch the show soaking wet from the downpour as they waited, the sky just seemed to clear up enough that everyone could close their umbrellas and take in an incredible show!

What a treat it was being serenaded by the sweet sounds of both of these amazing artists at the Peterborough Musicfest on Wednesday, July 12 at Del Crary Park. What a beautiful way to start the show with opening act, Peterborough’s own singer-songwriter Kate Suhr. On the stage with other amazing local artists, they put on an amazing show! Her angelic voice set the tone for the evening and she captivated the audience with every note!Kate Suhr on stage with group

I had the pleasure of speaking with Kate after the show and she was such a warm and lovely person that greeted me with a hug! When I asked her how she felt about playing in her home town, she said, “It’s always good! It’s like putting on a warm wooly sweater that’s your favourite and you’ve had for like twenty years.” She was happy about the performance and grateful the fans came out in the rain and she got to see so many friendly faces. While performing she was thinking to herself, “You are on the stage right now and this is magical, so you just need to be fully present and I tried to just be in every second of it.” You could see her put her heart into it and I know the crowd enjoyed every second of it as well! This was a special show for Kate as it was her first time playing at Musicfest, something she has always dreamed of doing. “I’ve always dreamt of being on a bigger stage in my home town, so that was amazing! When I would see shows here I just thought, one day, one day… just keep dreaming!” I am happy I got to witness this happen for her and it certainly was an inspiring moment.

Ruth B singing

Next the crowd went crazy as headliner, Edmonton’s Ruth B hit the stage! There was a ton of youngsters in the audience, showing what an awesome role model she is to the youth. Beingonly 22 years old herself and having such success in her career already, like this year winning a Juno Award for Breakthrough Artist of the Year.

Ruth B has rich and soulful vocals and she sang such heartfelt songs. Of course everyone sang along when she played Lost Boy, her huge hit that fans have fallen in love with. This song went multi-platinum and was a crowd favourite of the night for sure!

I feel that everyone that attended the free concert was very lucky to see such talent hit the Musicfest stage! She was so relaxed, down to earth and put on a very uplifting show. Thanks to both Kate and Ruth B for creating a beautiful evening and putting such magic in the Peterborough air!

By Tracey Allison

Photos by Tracey Allison

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