Medical Card Helps Advocate for Travelers

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An Ontario man while in Nova Scotia had a stroke at the age of 38.  A 7 year old Hamilton boy falls ill in Cuba.  A New Brunswick woman was hospitalized in Ottawa after a serious fall. A volunteer from Winnipeg is hospitalized in Ottawa.  During a cruise and after being hospitalized a man and his wife were left behind in Alaska. What do these people reported in the media all have in common?  They all became ill or injured while away from home.

Ask yourself – “what would I do” in that situation?  What if you couldn’t speak for yourself? The worry and stress is going to be overwhelming.  How well will you cope? If you’ve never been in this situation before, where do you begin? There is an answer to this question.

“People from all walks of life seldom are prepared for a medical emergency no matter where they are” says Gail Courneyea, President and CEO of Angels of Flight Canada.  “After 29 years of repatriation experience I can tell you that everyone should have early access to a healthcare professional who understands the needs for making important and timely decisions.”

When you have access to a team of Clinical Nurse Specialists who can interpret current medical conditions, assess your ability to travel, provide guidance and support, you are enabling a safe rescue from your medical situation. This is what a Halo Medard Membership will do for people of all ages regardless of their health history.

Insured, underinsured or not insured, you need “assurance” that one simple phone call will connect you with an advocate who will be there to answer your questions, co-ordinate plans and even bring you safely home. Navigating the healthcare maze at home or abroad is a daunting task even for the experienced. Hospitalizations can be lengthy and will be costly.

It’s important to appreciate the value of knowledgeable Registered Nurse Navigators whose mission is to achieve the best possible outcome for you without further compromising your health.

If you have a membership for a gym, roadside assistance, or retail store, ask yourself why you would not have an annual membership that can help you no matter where you are in the world?

Preparation is everything!  ONE card…ONE call. HALO MEDCARD MEMBERSHIP – your invaluable travel companion. To learn more call 1-800-563-7686 or go to


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