Nature’s Healing Tool: Raw Honey

In this modern world, and in the equine industry, it can be overwhelming having to choose from the large quantity and type of products available to apply to wounds, or to supplement diets, and to promote hair growth, hoof growth, etc.  At Inukshuk Farm, where we are fortunate enough to work every day doing what we love caring for horses and creating a knowledgeable and positive community for their owners, the opportunity to learn and grow is constantly presenting itself.  Such an opportunity arose this winter to learn about the incredible healing properties of raw honey …

This story begins with a twenty-six-year-old quarter-horse mare named Sally, and Chloe, the twelve-year-old girl who loves her.  Sally suffered a severe wound in the winter which resulted in a burst abscess.  Although abcesses are common in the equine world and usually not life threatening this particular instance was different.  Veterinarian care in such instances is very important and Sally was fortunate enough to have the compassionate and professional services of Gilson Veterinary Clinic who not only dealt with the grave medical condition of Sally but also with the human trauma of  Sally’s family.  Inukshuk Farm & Equestrian stepped in at this point making a quick trip to pick her up and begin the intensive daily cleaning, application of raw honey and sterile procedures, including daily bandaging. 

Raw honey, produced and highly recommended by the Ontario Veterinary College clearly proved to be remarkably effective in healing this wound.  But that said, let’s not discount the ‘Get Well Note’ that Chloe was busy making as our horse trailer was on its way to pick up Sally.  This ‘Get Well Note’ was posted on the Inukshuk Farm bulletin board for everyone to look at every day … no pressure of course, with saving Sally!  We can’t understate the love that Chloe showed for this old horse, the excellent veterinarian care, and advice and daily wound care provided by Inukshuk Farm that together were the three-fold answer to Chloe’s prayers.

Submitted by Janice Ecclestone, Inukshuk Farm, Selwyn

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