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Access to reliable, public transportation connects people in rural communities with businesses, food, education, jobs, training and healthcare. It also supports families and activities and helps our social lives!

The Lindsay & District Chamber of Commerce supports the new three-point Expanded Rural Transportation Plan for the City of Kawartha Lakes. This plan has been drafted by local residents! The plan is based upon a lot of research, ideas being used other communities across the province, and extensive consultation with the public, including survey data, expert advice and even a “rural transportation summit” held in Fenelon Falls last summer.

The three-point, detailed plan is fully costed and proposes:

1. expanding the shuttle bus run daily between Fleming College in Lindsay and Peterborough so it can be used by students, workers and for medical appointments alike;

2. running a bus (known as “White Lightening”) supported by the Cambers of Commerce and local businesses for people to shop locally; and

3. bringing back the Kawartha Rides transit system of daily, mini-bus routes City-wide.

The plan has a role for everyone – residents, students, government, the private sector, labour, service organizations, and Council –  and is truly a community solution to the really, really, hard issue of rural transportation.

 The plan is now in the implementation stage. It’s all hands on deck! Volunteers are needed to help plan the details. Please call 705.934.2704 or email Jessica ( to get involved.

All aboard!

Submitted by Mike Perry, President of The Lindsay Chamber of Commerce

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