New Ballpark a GO for Trent University

It was good to hear that final approval was made for a new adult baseball park at Trent University which will start being built this year, with hopes of being finished later this year. It will be ready for the start of the 2016 baseball season.  Also, the soccer field that is on part of the land where the ballpark is being built will be moved over so that the ballpark will fit in the location and both parks will be able to be used under the lights.

The ball field received final approval in May but not without some controversy as the park was originally projected to cost $1.1 million but now will cost $1.7 million, over a 50% increase. There were some amenities that were not included in the original proposal causing this rather large increase. The cost of the ballpark will be covered mostly through city funding but also the Peterborough Baseball Association, who has applied for a Blue Jay grant via the Field of Dreams program making it down to the final few organizations that could receive funding and the Peterborough Men’s Rec Baseball Association. Trent University contributed the land and are also covering the cost of the parking lot that will be included with the ballpark.  It is great to see partnerships of this kind allowing for facilities to be built, similar to the turf fields at Sir Sanford Fleming and Thomas A Stewart Secondary school.

The new ballpark will have adult-size dimensions similar to Riverside Park, which is the only other adult-size facility in this area, but actually will have larger dimensions than Riverside. This will allow for Peterborough to host older age tournaments – Bantam (14 years old) and above – as well as allow for increased development of the high school baseball program and possibly a University baseball program at Trent . The amount of tourism dollars that could potentially increase in years to come could be sizeable since most tournaments bring many dollars to our community. People must realize that our number one industry in this area is sports tourism especially with manufacturing diminishing in this market, with both big manufacturers GE and Quaker nowhere near the employment numbers they have had in past years. The Peterborough Tigers, rep program of the Peterborough Baseball Association, has held a few tournaments over the last few years that have brought over 100 teams to the area contributing well over a million dollars to this sports-crazy area.

Now, the city of Peterborough has to figure out the arena complex issue sooner rather than later as every day that goes by costs our great community revenue and jobs that are much needed. It is good to see that the baseball facility will be completed after a few years in the making, and it is the correct field needed. Now let’s get the arena complex done and not worry so much about the cost but rather what it will bring to the best sports community in Canada.

Submitted by Scott Cherwaty, SportsXpress

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