How to be the Perfect Cottage Guest

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Follow our trusted tips on how to be the perfect cottage guest and we bet you’ll be asked back again and again.

PACK WISELY – Cottage weekends are meant to be casual affairs so a few casual shirts, shorts, jeans and relaxed comfy (and even warm) clothing are the order of the day. Reminder – DON’T FORGET your swimsuit!

TOILETRIES – ALWAYS bring your own toiletries. Parents are reminded to also pack essentials for their kids too. Added bonus – bring biodegradable products; your hosts will recognize your nod to the environment.

SHEETS & TOWELS – We think it good form to bring your own sheets and towels, both bath and beach. Doing so will boost your “good guest” rating, guaranteed.

BYOB – Bringing your own beverages is a must. Whether refreshing non-alcoholic drinks or the more potent variety (beer, wine and spirits) bring enough to cover what you and your family will consume. Don’t forget your mixes too!

FOOD – Offer to prepare one or more of the meals during your stay, then bring all the necessary ingredients and make that meal count!

ENTERTAINMENT – Think about bringing some fun weekend enhancements like board games, magazines, weekend crafts, good books and crossword puzzles.

Here are some additional things we encourage you to do, once you arrive.

KITCHEN PATROL – Some hosts opt to clean up the kitchen themselves, but most really appreciate when guests pitch in. Be that guest!

KEEP IT TIDY – When moving about the cottage, tidy up after yourself. Return reading materials, pillows, cozy throws and everything else you use to their rightful place.

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PETS – If your hosts invite your pet up for the weekend too, bring extra towels for wet and muddy paws and always pick up after your pet.

DEPARTURE – Before heading off, make sure you have all of your personal belongings. It’s also helpful to help clean and tidy up the cottage.

Being the Perfect Cottage Guest is easy. Here’s to the perfect weekend at the cottage!

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