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The Regency Lakefield suite

In cottage country the beauty of nature is right at your fingertips. We take pride in our quaint and hospitable small towns, the culture and friendly people. You can look out your window and see lush trees and a generous variety of wildlife. When retiring, many look for a change of pace, a slowing of the everyday bustle, and often that means surrounding themselves with the sights and sounds of nature and small-town life.

The Regency of Lakefield (Retirement Living) is a place where that change of pace is welcomed. Oversized windows allow for maximum light, an outdoor patio offers a lovely view of green space; suites at the Regency offer luxury living with the most amenities of any retirement home in Lakefield. Residents are encouraged to make themselves at home by adding their own comforts and personal touches to their suites. Parking is on site, and included for those who are still wanting to drive.

Residents are welcomed to enjoy a variety of planned activities, exercise programs, games, entertainment and social events tailored to meet each resident’s needs. Social activities and visiting friends is always encouraged; there is always someone to chat with, take a pleasant stroll or enjoy a friendly game of cards.

The Regency of Lakefield and their friendly staff take great pride in focusing on residents and their independence, personal happiness and comfort.

Come home to the Regency of Lakefield and be part of our family.

The Regency of Lakefield,


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